Turkish Motif Inspired Drawing

Hope you’re all having a happy weekend. Here is an intricate little pattern spread I did. I was inspired by Turkish motifs to make this as a sort of mood board for another project…I can’t tell you about it now though. 😉

Here’s a bit of a challenge. Try and spot the word written in this pattern. 🙂

Cheers, Until next time!

“You Came To See This Bird” Final Piece (its my birthday!!)

 You came to see this bird Final

This is the final finished bird at last! Hooray! I think it works rather well, and the meaning of the bird coming from an ink blot is clear, so I’m happy with it. (although the photo doesnt really do it justice…)

I have named the piece, “you came to see this bird”. It’s a reflection of coming to see this bird magically emerge from an ink blot.

In other news, its my birthday tomorrow! (I’m getting old) 😛 but ay! If you’re going to be old, why not be old and free? Age is just a number after all, haha. 😉

Enjoy the art I have made here, have a wonderful relaxing time, and feel free to comment! I am up for any opinions as usual.

That’s all. Bye for now!

Random Black Marker Fish

Black Marker Fish

Hello all. I haven’t been able to start the final of the crow yet, so I thought I’d upload this quick cartoon sketch I did of a diver accidentally landing on top of a giant dangerous fish :P.

Although the photo is fuzzy, when I look at it…it reminds me of those old skool colouring books. If any of you are bored and want to download this just to colour it in, feel free to do so, I give you my permission.

If you do download this to colour in, I would love to know about it, so please tell me if you do decide to do so. Thank you.

Hoping to get back on with the crow final as soon as possible. For now, all my best wishes and see you next time!

Concept: Black Crow 2nd Stage.

 You came to see this bird coloured

This is the 2nd stage of the crow idea i’m doing. (If you’re wondering why there are silver lines drawn on this…dont worry, its not a mistake, they are reference lines for me to lightbox over at the next stage!)

The colours are working as planned, and im starting to get aquainted with using ink for lighter shades, so im feeling very optimistic for the final outcome. The only thing I say is wrong personally are the crow’s tallons. The right one seems a bit bigger than the left one… (Yes, this was unintentional this time).

Someone even suggested to me to make an extention of this idea by doing a magpie in the same style. I might take up that idea if this one goes well…lets see!

What do you think to all of that? Any comments or suggestions, as usual, feel free to post them. Cheers for now. Until next time!