Origami Swan – Happy New Year!

Hello everyone, and though it might be later than most, Happy New Year!

Just as a one off for the new year, I thought I’d upload something I made for my mother as a Christmas day present. It’s a 3D origami swan I made using simple printing paper. I made it by cutting several sheets into size, folding them, and then built up the resulting pieces into this sculpture.

I do hope you like it. I’ll admit, my hands and fingers went through hell to make this, but it was all worth it in the end.

That’s all for now, but I wish you all the very best for this new year. Feel free to post any comments! Cheers all! ūüôā


Doodles on Rice Paper.

Hello all. There haven’t been any major updates since last week… I’ve been concentrating on developing my style. I have been practicing drawing and painting though – specifically on Chinese Xuan rice paper. It’s a nice unique surface to work on. It’s rather thin, but it holds ink lines and washes very well. I may use this for final pieces in the future.

See below for my practice drawings. Cheers and have a good week!



Cat statue (Happy Easter)

Hello everyone and happy Easter! Hope you’ve all had a good one. Last week, I had the idea to create a final tribute to my late Wendigo in the form of a garden stone cat ornament painted to replicate him.¬†This will eventually sit in the garden in honour of him. Disclaimer: I did not make the ornament I’m referring to here.


I started the project off by buying this plain stone cat. This would be the ‘canvas’ I would paint on. To decorate it as well as to make it fit enough to be put outside, I had to source the correct paint, primer, and varnish (which was quite difficult to do).

I didn’t want to make any mistakes at this stage as choosing any wrong paints or varnishes could be disastrous. I’m not familiar with painting on stone, so was anxious and desperate to get it right.



This is the statue painted with my choice of primer. At this stage, it worked like a dream! It’s actually a combined primer and undercoat so does two jobs in one. It was a great foundation to start with.¬†It kind of looks like a marble statue like this doesn’t it?



This is painting in process. I used acrylic paint on top of the coats of primer to do this.



And this is the finished statue fully painted and varnished. It turned out ok, some of the varnished peeled here and there which I had to amend, but otherwise, the outcome is fairly good overall in my opinion.

But what do you think? Feel free to comment and say what you think! Cheers, and I’ll see you next time! Once again, happy Easter!

Rough Wolves

Hello everyone. My apologies for this post being a day late! I’ve been busy trying to relax and get myself together again.

I’m beginning to think about the overall look and shape of my character design. To put this into action, I’ve been sketching roughs of wolves in different styles and body shapes to see which kind of form I like best. Please see below for some examples of what I’ve done.



These two are kind of based on the same style but with some subtle differences in anatomy between the two.


A more exaggerated cartoon styled sketch done in Biro pens. Totally unlike my typical style, but this is experimental after all.



This is more my typical style of sketch of a wolf. The colours are my sort too.

That’s all for now. Tell me what you think! Feel free to comment, like, and follow me, and thanks so much for looking.

Cheers! Have a great week.

Happy mother’s day! Paper Delights

Hello all. Today marks 1 week and 1 day since Wendigo’s death… But the good news is that we’re moving on well and trying to be strong for the others. Since it is mothers day, I’ve decided to take a break from my current project to create a load of gifts for my mum out of paper. Ive loved paper… Ever since I was a kid, and making paper gifts for this mothers day, for me, was a nice way to de stress as well as good for a viable design aesthetic. See below for what I made!



A paper origami cat. This was quite challenging to make as it included some complex folds, but was worth it in the end!



Origami parrot. Just another fun thing to make whilst simultaneously being a therapeutic challenge.




Roses! I had to make some flowers for my mum… It just seemed natural. The method to create these were hard to learn, but once I had the hang of it, was able to make them naturally. Out of shot, I also created some origami lilys and placed all of the created flowers in a paper bouquet.





I managed to also make these paper stars.

These were great fun to make, I simply cut a couple of strips of paper, glued them together to make one long strip, tied one end into a pentagon shaped ‘paper knot’, then wrapped the strip around this knot and tucked it into one side. After that, I pushed my thumbs onto the edges of the resulting pentagon shape to make a puffy 5 sided star as shown above.

They’re great… The process of making them is very therapeutic, they’re nice to hold and feel, and, when made with coloured paper, look very pleasant, almost like sweets! They make wonderful decorations and gifts for mothers day.

I hope you enjoyed looking at what I created for my mum on mothers day, feel free to comment, like, and follow me!

Cheers! I wish you all a great week ahead.

RIP Wendigo – 2007- 2016 My Tribute

It horrors me to have to do this, but please allow me to explain something quite heartfelt and painful… one of my 4 cats, Wendigo…the father of the group, died yesterday. I have never felt so heartbroken in my life but I’m trying to be strong…. It would honour me, as well as him, if any of you would like, share, comment, and even download these images I’m going to share with you in tribute to such a beautiful friend of mine.

Wendigo The Prince

Here he is… my beautiful best friend. He died at 12:30pm yesterday whilst he was playing…we reckon he had a heart attack bless him… I don’t normally share things like this, but he needs to have his memory kept alive! I eventually carried him to his final resting place – he is now safely buried near¬†our house.

Wendigo has been a rock to me in my life, and he had the most beautiful and vibrant personality of any creature I have ever seen. He was there for me during both the amazing times and the darker times in my life, and I’m truly happy to have known him. To me, he was not a cat…he was part of my family, and even more so, I treated him as a person and not an animal. He was a person as far as I’m concerned.

Wendigo text portrait

A practice project I did using a photo of him for a book cover in landscape format. I was just playing – experimenting with text and how it can be used as an image in this one. Amazingly, this was done on the 21st February 2015…. nearly a year ago exactly before his death.


Him and the others playing. Haha.



Him just being the kind, beautiful, and emotionally connected soul that he is.

Whenever I felt severely sad or down, he never left me alone. He’d tap me or get my attention somehow…. and then give me a look similar to this. He even spoke to me using his voice. Never once did he surrender, even if I did. He never gave up. He taught me how to live.


lesky's pictures 004

…Did I mention that he’s beautiful? Good.


B day cats

A birthday card design completed for my nan in 2008 featuring the whole cat clan. Looking back at this, I didn’t capture any¬†features¬†to my present satisfaction… I didn’t have as many drawing skills though, I was only 17. But my nan liked it at the time, so this did it’s job. I love all my wonderful cats (people) exactly the same… but it’s amazing how Wendigo took the lead.


This is my last piece in relation to him…or at least, the last to be made to pay tribute. This was done in acrylic paints and pen ink. The idea was to communicate his idea and imprint with as less detail as possible…. So I painted his black coat and his nose, as those two things were his distinctive features. The negative space speaks for itself.

It would’ve been his wish to carry on life as normal, but to also be remembered. I have dubbed him as “The Prince”. It is¬†a (now not so) secret nickname I gave him, which he takes with him.

Please, I urge you… any of you reading this, to either share, or comment, or even just to like this…. Not to gain fame or points, but to prove how he will be remembered, if even a little bit. Feel free to download any or all of these images to look at for yourself.

I know none of you know how special he is, but if it wasn’t for Wendigo… I wouldn’t be here. I think it is the least he deserves to be seen in this post as a hero.

Lets keep him alive. Wendigo will never die. It’s Wendigo’s Wish… and it’s mine.

Thank you all for your time. Cheers.