Pesky Lesky Character Poses


Yes…I know. Technically, I’m not supposed to upload until about an hour, but… time goes slowly when you’re tired out of your skull, ay? I’ve been a bit busy as of late.

Anyway, these are a couple of poses of a street artist husky dog character I designed called (pesky) Lesky.

*Fun fact*: Before my artist name was Lazfar, it was Lesky. It was changed to Lazfar after my mates decided to playfully mock the first name…

*Tedious fact (Well what else could I put? 😛 )*: Lesky, the character, was originally designed by myself in 2006. The digital designs above were created and rebuffed using old sketches I did in 2012.

Lesky is disused, but I still keep him in my archive. He was one of my earliest fully designed characters after all.

In this updated design, I tried a double light source effect to add drama. There are a couple of subtle errors in terms of the proportion and stance of the top pose, but overall, I’m happy with it.

What do you all think? All comments welcome as usual. Hope you enjoy my work, and as always, have a great weekend. Cheers for now!

Pure Colours

Pure Colours

Hello once again. This time, I bring you some line work with a (part) colourful twist. Behold, “Pure Colours”.

Completed in mixed media, this illustration (like many of mine) has a message, and that is: to be yourself whatever your colours happen to be and to embrace being original. Do that, and you wont be plain and false. It’s good to stand out in a crowd.

The world would be a far more colourful place if everyone were themselves…well, that’s my opinion at least anyway.

Cheers for now and I hope you’re all having a wonderful weekend!



Yes, my friends, this is a literal (papier mache) goldfish… so named, because I have sprayed it gold. 😉

Inspired by a creation originally made on the old 90’s children’s art programme Art Attack, this quirky fish has got a lot of bite to it. 🙂 Ouch…


It’s made with a PVA glue and water papier mache mixture, and a few pages from that old newspaper I haven’t read in years…what do you think? Feel welcome to leave a comment as usual.

Until next time. Cheers all. 🙂

What’s this I wonder? (Art)

A question for all of you. What has this:

Design front

And this:

Design Back


Have to do with each other? (aside from the colours…) Answer?



Bag Design Back

They’re both designs I have drawn on my bag! The first photo is of the front, the bottom image is of the back.

Middle Bag Design

This design is in the middle after you lift the front of the bag up. I wouldn’t count it as being finished yet…as you can see it is slightly bare, but I ran out of blue fabric pen ink. 😛

I don’t normally consider pink as a colour that I agree with. However, in my opinion, the luminescence of this colour works really well in this design, contrasted with the purple and navy blue tones.

If I’m able to get more fabric pens, I’ll finish off the middle part off and post it here. Cheers for now all, see you next weekend. 🙂