Just Chillin’

Nothing special this time, just a doodle that I scribbled as a practice when I had spare time. This was drawn using ink with a brush for fun, though the unfortunate thing is that I made a couple of embarrassing mistakes.


Just Chillin’ – Duck this was error-tastic!

Firstly, I accidentally dropped the brush as I was inking and it rolled down the paper which was a disaster. I didn’t want to start all over again, so I just made some intentional spatter and grunge marks to make the composition more uniform.

Secondly, I misplaced the apostrophe in the slang word ” Chillin’ “. I realised too late that it was supposed to be at the end of the word, not in between the letters… Oops!

Anyway, I hope you all like this doodle regardless of the school girl errors…. Thanks so much for stopping by! See you all next time!

Shadow Skeleton

Something a bit darker I thought I’d share, drawn with various coloured pencils on A4 Natural coloured paper and using a different type of blending technique – baby oil!

Drawing normally with coloured pencil, I shaded areas with necessary colour before using a water brush filled with baby oil to smooth the marks and blend for uniformity.

Shadow Skeleton

Shadow Skeleton: A shadow of my former self perhaps? Or perhaps the bare bones of starting again!

There is a small meaning behind this. The subject itself is actually a wolf skeleton that I’ve put in more of an upright human position. I sometimes represent myself as a she wolf, so this is representing me during this block of sorts that I’m having.

The dramatic lighting and shadow effects represent the double edged sword of being in the dark. One one hand, it’s a difficult and intimidating place to be, but on the other, it’s also the perfect place to meditate and plot a comeback. After all… I may be somewhat struggling, but I’m still here and I’ll get there in the end!

In any event, I thank you for passing by to view my work, hope you enjoy. Cheers for now!

Gargoyle Rush

Ugh… I have Finally had the strength to finish this drawing! I once again apologise for being so absent lately – my crippling block continues. I have also had to reconfigure my blogs and signature to show my artist name, Lazfar, but anyway… enough of that, on to this.

Gargoyle Rush – The final finished piece.

I took the last rough sketch of this and shaded everything using ink, in particular Winsor and Newton pigment markers. I’ve heard mixed reviews about these, but personally, I feel they’re pretty nice. They’re good to blend with and create interesting effects with the added value of being lightfast – lovely.

In terms of the piece itself, I’m not overly happy with it. I would have put even more time into this, but that would only be a hindrance, so I had to stop. I tried to make as much impact with it with movement and colour and even an atmospheric background, but it didn’t work out how I intended. The perspective could also be modified, but once again, spending more time on this would solve nothing.

In any case, I do hope you like this and I shall see you next time. Cheers!

Motorcycle Rough Update

Firstly, apologies for my long absence. I’ve been having the mother of all artist blocks lately, so this project has had to take a back seat. Things have been frustrating and I feel alien here now at the moment, but I’m hoping things will improve.

Motor Monster

Getting There: concept in progress.

Now for this, I absolutely hated the first sketch I did with a passion, so I decided to completely redraw it in pen (whilst ripping a lot of paper and hair out in the process). In doing so, I altered the perspective slightly and finally drew the Gargoyle sitting on the motorbike. I aim to colour this in fully for next time. I’m not sure exactly how it’ll come out I’ll be honest, but I do hope you like this for the time being.

*A special thanks in particular to those who are still following me even though I haven’t been here. I really respect and appreciate it.

Until next time, bye for now. Cheers for stopping by!

Geometry and Scribble

Hello all. I’ve decided not to take part in the drawing challenge I made, but I’m still moderating entries. In the meantime, I drew a couple of things:

Geometric Fish

Time to go ‘angling’: Geometric fish design done using fineliners on A4 cartridge paper.

This one is entitled “Geometric Fish”. It was inspired by one of the titles in my drawing challenge “Geometry or Shapes”. Though I am no longer taking part, I’ve seen some great entries for that title, and wanted to have a go myself.



Motorcycle work In progress: An unfinished piece in the making.

This is what I’m working on currently. Another title of my Mystery Box challenge is “Gargoyle” which has again inspired me to use that idea. I have drawn this motorbike and I plan to have a Gargoyle mounted on it. It’s only a work in progress that obviously needs work done to improve it, but stay tuned to see it finished!

That’s all for now. See you next time. Best wishes!

Unevil King

The finished piece from last week’s sketch. It’s an evil villain king sitting on his throne with a dragon on his shoulder. Completed on A3 cartridge paper in alcohol markers, I tried to layer and sculpt some atmosphere into this… In my opinion, it’s ever so slightly steampunk like. What do you think? (Apologies for bad quality photos).


Inked up and ready to colour: The inked image.


Fully fleshed: The final finished piece. Completed using alcohol ink.

My apologies for not being as active here by the way, I’ve tried to take a break from social media for a bit… Just to clear my head.

🎨 Drawing Challenge Idea Update 🎨

I have decided to fulfill​ the idea of a drawing challenge! There is enough interest for me to make a small casual one. Please tune in on Wednesday 17th May on G+. It’ll start on that day and is intended to last for 10 days.

Thanks all! That’s it for now… Best wishes for the week ahead!

Untitled Work In Progress

Hello all. Apologies for being slightly absent… I decided to doodle something random as I am not feeling at my most inspired…


Untitled: I plan for it to be an evil villain king sitting on a throne chair with a baby dragon resting on his shoulder.

This started as a rough ‘on the spot’ doodle that wasn’t supposed to develop any further, but I’ve decided to go with it… I reckon it’d look good coloured in with alcohol pens.

Stay tuned to see it finished. Cheers all.