Commissioned Poster

rogh silva

silva (2)final - Copy

silver wolf model sheet

Hello everyone! I have now been commissioned to create a poster for someone as well as a portrait for someone else, so my Toy Lazfar project will have to wait for now….. The poster project has only just begun and the concept for it has been approved for development.

It is based on my silver wolf character that I posted earlier on here (3rd image). The 2 rough sketches above show the progression of the poster design. Hope you like and enjoy them, bye! 😀

Toy Lazfar Animatic

My rough Pencil test has been made! 😀 Sorry for the late upload…I uploaded it on youtube a long time ago, but forgot to upload it here! Still pretty busy with this and other work too. 🙂 Anyway, hope you all like it! 🙂

**DISCLAIMER: I DID NOT create the music.**
Fork and Sppon: Kevin MacLeod (

This footage is my own and is not permitted to be used commercially. Please ask my permission before using this.

Cheers and enjoy!