Cave dweller’s cave.

Cave dweller

This is a concept art drawing of the area where a cave dweller character would be encountered during the game. *Note- the graphics of all areas/levels in the coming game footage will be more “old school”, and pixelated. Much like those old 8-bit games looked. But this is just a design for reference.

Hope you enjoy it, all. Bye for now!

Toy Lazfar howling

toy laz howling smaller colour

Hello all! SO sorry for such a long delay in posting, please see above, an animation test of Toy Lazfar howling!

You see, I have been SOO busy with my work, with my exhibition, and with the local press! That’s right! I’ve been in my local paper about my project!

I’ll post the newspaper cutting here soon perhaps, *update* it wont be here because it has a photo of me in it… (Awkward for me).*

At the moment, I’m still pretty busy. I have come a long way with my Toy Lazfar project, & I’m getting close to completing it! I am on the animation phase now, (specifically the animatic test stage), and I’m working harder than ever, so please bear with me!

To my followers, and the rest of you who like to come, A HUGE thanks to you for still following me!!! 😀 Bye for now and hope you enjoy!