Lazfar: My alter ago & tag.

Many of you, (well, those of you who are actually looking…), are probably asking yourselves, “Who the hell is Lazfar!?” Well, I’ll tell you,

Lazfar is my main character & I use her as an alter ego. I also use the name ‘Lazfar’ as my nickname & artist tag. The actual character herself is a she wolf with long red hair, red eyes, & silvery blue fur. Most of the time, as her trademark dress code; she wears a top hat & trench coat.

I use Lazfar from time to time in my work in order to create a stronger impact & to further integrate my stamp into it. Though she looks nothing like me, (luckily), she represents my confident & sarcastic side, & holds the same passion to rebel in order to succeed. This is why a couple of designs I create, include her alongside the phrase “rebel with a cause”.

Here are some examples of my work including Lazfar. Enjoy!! 🙂