Treasure Haul (Christmas).


The Panther study project was a great success. This is the final outcome of that project, creating a poster design on canvas of a panther symbolic of my mum, as a Christmas present for her.


I created it by bonding together different sized canvases before using acrylic paint and oil pastels to make the artwork. I did it to reflect the important things I find about my mum.
The panther is brown as my mother’s lucky colour is brown. She’s atop a rock with roots hanging down because she’s my rock and she is also very down to earth and rootsy, (if that’s even a word). I summed up everything with 3 words, rock, roots, panther to finish the piece.

DSCF3177 DSCF3180

In addition to that, I made her a model of Bagpuss. She absolutely loves that cat. I got her a few other presents as well, and we had great fun. I hope you all did too. 😀

DSCF3179 DSCF3175

I also made a snow scene with some toys and fake instant snow I brought. In the photos I took below, I put a toy dragon and a toy wolf into a container with the fake snow, and there are some of my mum’s other presents in the background. Doesn’t it look nice? 🙂


I added extra snow to the dragon’s wings. Maybe I’ll draw this one day.


Well, that’s all. Hope you have had a wonderful Christmas, and enjoy a great new year to come! Here’s to a fruitful 2015! 😀

More Panther Work

 Stoop Panther (modified)

Here is a panther poster I made with water soluble coloured graphite and a black pen. I love the grunge tonal work and effects you can create with this lovelyness. If you’re wondering, The name “Stoop” is actually my mother’s tag name.

The images below are of a Plasticine model I made for reference. I took photos of it in different views.

DSCF3165 DSCF3163 DSCF3166


What do you think? Is a good theme developing? Feel free to leave a comment! Cheers! 🙂

Experimenting with line and wash – Water brush

 pen and wash 4

I have brought a new water brush and soluble graphite pencil set and I have been experimenting with a line and wash technique drawing different pictures of panthers as a subject. It’s quite fun and intriguing.
I have yet to perfect this technique, but the image above made me discover the simple basics of what can be achieved.

Rubbing soluble graphite onto the brush then brushing onto the paper, I managed to sculpt the panthers above with just the right tone and brushed in a very thin wash behind the panther’s head on the left for atmosphere.

 pen and wash 2

This one is more unsuccessful because the tonal work is much darker than I had anticipated it to be. I rubbed the soluble graphite directly onto the paper before drawing with the water brush, the graphite moved slightly, but not as much as desired darkening the image as the water was applied.

pen and wash 3

The water brush tool is wonderful! It’s almost like a hybrid of a brush and a pen, you can fill the brush with exactly what’s needed too, not just water: (i.e ink or watered down paint).  I would recommend it, it’s very inspiring if you want a change.

Cheers! Hope you enjoyed. Until next time. 🙂