Black and Gold Ultimate Battle

Black and gold ultimate battle

Hello everyone! This is the finished art preview poster design I made to enter into another contest. I used new digital software to create this from my previous sketch. I didn’t have much time to fully perfect it, so had to rush the shading and I feel rusty drawing digitally, but I tried my best anyway.

Sadly, I didn’t win the challenge with this… But that’s the way things go. I guess you can’t win them all. Anyway, I do hope you enjoy this piece.

Cheers. Have a great week.


What a struggle…

Eel pastel confectionary

Hello everyone… sorry yet again for being absent for so long but I’ve come down with yet another ear infection and I haven’t been feeling well at all… I’m still under the weather in fact and have had to ask for a follow up dose of more medicine to help me overcome this bothersome reoccurring infection.

It’s been getting me down both physically and mentally and it’s been quite a struggle to cope with, but I’m trying to get through this nonetheless. Please do bear with me, I am not sure when, but I aim to upload in my usual manner as soon as possible… In the meantime, here is an old piece of digital artwork I did.

I hope you are doing well. Cheers for now.

Digital Wolf Drawings

Hello again! I mentioned, as part of my character design project, that I was going to produce at least two digital adaptations of the sketches I did last week. And that’s what I did. I took the first and third wolf drawings in particular and drew them with slightly more realistic designs… Just so I could practice more with anatomy and texture. Please see below.

wolf1Wolf 3

I wanted to add some atmosphere with the 1st one, so added some clouds and smoke to give the impression the wolf is standing on a high plateau.

With the 2nd one, I was wanting to give it a better background and some shadow for depth…. but I’m having such a block at the moment that I had no idea what to do on that front… so when I tried doing those, I failed miserably and ran out of patience. I did this as an alternative.

Hope you like them, please feel free to like, comment, and follow me! Cheers and enjoy.

Golden Underground


Firstly, my apologies for such a late post…two days late I know, I’ve been feeling a bit run down with getting over this infection, so haven’t done much…and I STILL have tinnitus (ear ringing). I’m beginning to feel myself once again, but this ringing I have in my head is driving me mad…

Anyway, now the good news. Above is the finished “Golden Underground” piece I have done. This was completed digitally, and polished to a shine (literally!). The style of this artwork is my signature style, being cartoon like whilst holding an underground flare.

I hope I’ve done myself justice here despite the late post, and of course, I do hope you enjoy.

Bye for now and I hope this week proves great for you all! Cheers!

Queen Cobra – Shape Challenge

cobra shape

Hello all… I haven’t been feeling my best lately at all. I’ve found out that I have a double infection in my ears….yes…you read right. Double. Though the good news is I’m getting rest and am gradually getting better bit by bit.

Above is a little digital drawing I did for a “Shape of the week” Challenge. I entitle this “Queen Cobra”. To do the challenge itself, I took the shape given (on the right) and used it as a basis for an image. You must use the shape as a base and must not exceed it’s outline.

A huge thanks to +Stephanie Mackay on Google+ for inviting me to try this. 😛

I haven’t had the strength at all to finish my “Golden Underground” piece yet, but I can assure you this will be done in due course.

That’s all for now and I hope to be well enough to finish my work soon. Thank you all and have a wonderful week ahead. Bye for now.

Recovering Still

 Make do n mend poster-01

Alright. Cards on the table. The bad news is that I’ve had a few ups and downs with my recovery, the good news is, I’m confident now that I’m improving and getting better!

I’m well enough to get on with my work. Furthermore, I’m planning to exhibit work in an exhibition in November alongside the local art society I am with. (I have yet to make the artwork, but it will be done!)

In the meantime…Thank goodness I have the poster design above that I never uploaded.

Cheers mates! Sorry for the slightly late post. Have a wonderful up coming week!

Pesky Lesky Character Poses


Yes…I know. Technically, I’m not supposed to upload until about an hour, but… time goes slowly when you’re tired out of your skull, ay? I’ve been a bit busy as of late.

Anyway, these are a couple of poses of a street artist husky dog character I designed called (pesky) Lesky.

*Fun fact*: Before my artist name was Lazfar, it was Lesky. It was changed to Lazfar after my mates decided to playfully mock the first name…

*Tedious fact (Well what else could I put? 😛 )*: Lesky, the character, was originally designed by myself in 2006. The digital designs above were created and rebuffed using old sketches I did in 2012.

Lesky is disused, but I still keep him in my archive. He was one of my earliest fully designed characters after all.

In this updated design, I tried a double light source effect to add drama. There are a couple of subtle errors in terms of the proportion and stance of the top pose, but overall, I’m happy with it.

What do you all think? All comments welcome as usual. Hope you enjoy my work, and as always, have a great weekend. Cheers for now!