A little bit of something fun…

  It’s now officially my Birthday! (20th July), this time, I’ve taken a bit of fun inspiration from gaming nostalgia to help my creative juices – Mario. I used to play Super Mario games in my younger days, and I’m now looking forward to playing #SuperMarioMaker2 on my new Nintendo Switch for my Birthday this Saturday to cheer myself up.

I’m excited because Super Mario Maker has older styles of Mario in it, and I love the Super Mario World and Super Mario Bros 3 themes the most… very nostalgic and fun. I’m torn between the two, but right now, I’m in love with SMB3. That style is bringing out the inspiration juices in me.


IT’SA ME! – Super Mario fan art that doesn’t wall jump!

I decided to draw these ACEO’s in the style of SMB3 to re-spark my love of the retro style, but also to translate that into art so that I may get a bit more excited about drawing in general like I used to feel before. They’re trading card sized – 6.5cm x 9cm, drawn in inks. Hope you like these!

Disclaimer: This post is fan art related, I did draw these little “Tiny Treasures”, however, I do not intend to infringe any copyright. These are just for fun. Mario is official intellectual property of Nintendo.

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Rainbow Heron

Hello everyone. Sorry for the on and off absence, it’s been rather hectic here. I recently made this piece as a gift to my neighbour. It’s all framed and ready to go. As I write, she doesn’t know I made this for her, so hopefully it’ll be a nice surprise.

Rainbow Heron sign

Rainbow Heron – I wonder where it’s off to…?

Done using Inktense pencils and pen on watercolour paper… I’m not sure the exact dimensions of the paper, but I think it’s around A5 or A6…? I suppose I could measure it with the frame included, but to be honest, I haven’t got time.

It’s not anything major, but thought I’d share it as a side project here. Cheers for stopping by!

Artwork is Copyright Lazfar 2019. All rights reserved.