Drawing Competition Wolf Entries

Hello all! I’ve entered two pieces into the #DerwentArtPrize – a competition for any drawings done in pencil.

… I’d be completely and utterly lying if I said I was confident, but I entered anyway, just for the sake of it.

The Lone Wolf's Leer - Copy

The Lone Wolf’s Leer

This is the first entry I’ve named “The Lone Wolf’s Leer”, and it’s a drawing of a wolf looking into the distance. The idea of this is to emulate the “year of the wolf” idea of mine by using purple, (colour of the year 2018), as well as it’s divided parts – the primary colours, red and blue. This photo doesn’t really show it that well, but there is a gradient of said colours and there’s also a background of mist and clouds for atmosphere to make the wolf look independent.

Drawn using graphite and coloured pencils on paper measuring 32cm x 24 cm.

Out Of The Picture - Copy

Out Of The Picture

This is the second of the two pieces I’ve entered I’ve named “Out Of The picture”.

Apologies for the rubbish photo, but this one is a violet coloured wolf literally jumping “out of the picture”. It kind of shares the same concept as my first entry of being the “year of the wolf”, but since this is the Chinese zodiac year of the earth dog, I’ve used a symbol of the earth – a canyon setting.

I’ve had my moments of strong doubt about this piece – it wasn’t supposed to come out like this, but I’ve gone with it anyway.

Completed using graphite, water soluble, and coloured pencils on A3 paper.

I hope you like these entries and I wish you all a wonderful week. Cheers for stopping by!