Christmas Cat Figurines

Hello all and I hope you had a great Christmas… As a present for Christmas day, I made my mother these figurines pictured below of our 4 cats out of air drying clay and painted with acrylics.

Right: Wendigo
Top: Tanzity
Left: Murphy
Bottom: Finbar

I hope you enjoy these. Feel free to like and comment on them. Have a great new year to come. Bye for now!


Pride is an Antique (Complete!)


A very good evening to you all. Above is the completed piece ‘Pride is an Antique’, completed in mixed media on paper. I even got some assistance from my mum in burning the edges of the paper to give an old effect. Credit for the scorched effect goes to my mother aka Stoop (her tag name).

This piece is about my Pride for my home country, England. I’ve used symbolism quite a lot in this piece, this includes 2 Tudor roses (England’s national flower), and my take on the British bulldog…the man in the middle holding an England flag has the skull of a British Bulldog.

Hope you all like this, and remember, whatever country you are from, be proud! Or at the very least, be proud of who you are!

Cheers. Hope you enjoy the holidays!

Pride Is An Antique (work in progress)


Horrible photo…Work in progress, title ‘Pride is an Antique’.

Practically 3 days late…I know…(and it isnt even finished yet!) but I’ve still been feeling slightly unwell (when will this end?) I have a horrible feeling my infection is coming back to haunt me yet again, but I do have an appointment with the doctor next week to see what is happening.

Anyhow, back to this. I’ve been dying to create something patriotic of my home country England, so this is it. I decided to make it look very old (like an Antique of sorts) so I used a beef stock cube to brown my paper. I have drawn my design onto this which wasn’t a good idea looking back…this paper concoction has a tendency to rip…I should have used a light coloured pen.

It’s a character with the skull of the British bulldog as it’s head, behind him are two roses (national flower of England) when this will be done, there will be strong black lines and nice shading appropriate of the old theme…or so I intend.

I shall hopefully finish this by Sunday… ill or not. So please stay tuned! And whatever country you come from, be proud!

Time to rest for now…Cheers.


Golden Underground


Firstly, my apologies for such a late post…two days late I know, I’ve been feeling a bit run down with getting over this infection, so haven’t done much…and I STILL have tinnitus (ear ringing). I’m beginning to feel myself once again, but this ringing I have in my head is driving me mad…

Anyway, now the good news. Above is the finished “Golden Underground” piece I have done. This was completed digitally, and polished to a shine (literally!). The style of this artwork is my signature style, being cartoon like whilst holding an underground flare.

I hope I’ve done myself justice here despite the late post, and of course, I do hope you enjoy.

Bye for now and I hope this week proves great for you all! Cheers!