Orange Orient


Orange Orient – My Orange entry for my Rainbow badge challenge. A royal Chinese woman with a Chinese Lion.

Happy Chinese new year everyone! I know it’s late now, but it’s still the 28th here (Just about…) so it still counts, haha.

I’m going to be quick because I haven’t got much time yet to write this before this submission is late. Since I did a tribal man and tiger yesterday, I decided to mirror that today with a royal Chinese queen character alongside a Chinese Lion. It is Chinese new year after all, so it made sense to do something relevant that linked in with both subjects.

As per my consistency ‘pact’, this was completed in line and wash style. Anyway, enough of me badgering on, I do hope you all aprove. See you next time.

The next entry colour is “Yellow”. Stay tuned and stay inspired with me everyone!

Wondering what this #rainbowbadgechallenge is? Click on this link to see the rules (in English) :

🇩🇪 German translation is also available here: 🇩🇪

Please note, I forgot to sign my work, but it is mine. Cheers! See you next time!

Red Tiger Spirit


This is my Red entry for my Rainbow badge challenge. A Tiger and a man standing together and looking strong.

I’ve launched my new challenge and I must admit, it’s gone off to a stressful start… There has been some confusion and some misunderstanding overall, I’m hoping things improve, but let’s see until then.

The basic rules is to do one (or more) pieces each in the colour of the rainbow. There is a 2 day window for each colour.

I wanted to do something powerful for this entry since red is quite a passionate colour, so I’ve drawn a strong tribal man and tiger together. They’re supposed to represent strength and spirit in human and animal form, hence my title.

This was done in ink in a line and wash style technique. I’ve decided to focus purely on that style for this challenge for consistency. I do hope you like my work. Thanks for stopping by.

The next entry colour is “Orange”. Stay tuned and stay inspired with me everyone… Bye for now!

Rainbow Badge Challenge 2017

Hello everyone! Rainbow Badge Challenge rules have been published. To see them, please click on the G+ link page below:

Challenge officially starts tomorrow (25th January). Anyone of any creative ability can join. all challengers are welcome!

Feel free to comment or send me any messages if you want to join or have any questions to ask. Cheers all!


Rainbow Badge Challenge Info

Get prepared! Art challenge starting on Wednesday! Please see below.


For each entry, you win a badge representing a colour of the rainbow. Can you win them all? What about the great, ‘grand gray’ badge? Feel free to participate and see! I challenge all and exclude no one… Stop by tomorrow for the rules! If you intend to join, check out my G+ page +Levi Richards.

🏆 See you there! 🏆

Disclaimer: fonts used in poster below are not mine, I didn’t create them, but are free to use.

Cheers all!



* sigh * yep… Another last minute sketch. Inspired by my rooster warrior illustration I did for Birdmas, I decided to sketch another chicken warrior as Chinese New Year is nearing (year of the rooster for those who don’t know). It’s on the 28th January, so I wanted to sketch it just in time.

Done as an ink sketch on top of initial penciling, it’s of a rooster warrior in a warcry pose. This is symbolic of being strong and ready for whatever this year has to bring. I’ve also drawn 3 chicks too as a symbol of vulnerability as well as showing the uncertainty of the future.

I’ll be honest, this isn’t polished and I’m still not feeling my best, but as always, I do hope you enjoy. Bye for now.

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Ice Wolf Howling Sketch

Hello all. I’ve not been very well this past week, I’ve been suffering a bit with jaw cramps this time. However, I’m recovering slowly.

I didn’t do any blog drawings, so I thought that I’d do just a quick last minute sketch in watercolour pens. I brought them recently and they’re really nice to doodle around with.


The sketch itself is of a wolf howling. I wanted to do some decorative elements around my drawing to add some kick into my design, but these effects look a tad tackier than I anticipated… I am disappointed slightly overall, but this is just a last minute sketch, and I’m not on top form at the moment, so I can forgive myself to some degree.

Additionally, I used cold tones (blues, greens and purples) though the wash effects have less colour in this photograph more than in the actual sketch.

I may revisit this design later on and see if I can bump it up a notch. Until then, enjoy. Thanks for stopping by, I’ll see you next time.

Rainbow Test Pieces

Hello everyone. Hope you’re all having a nice time. For today, I wanted to share two experimental prototype paintings I did over the holiday period as a test for another potential art challenge I aim to do. I haven’t launched anything yet, but it may or may not be in the pipeline.

It’s a challenge inspired by the colours of the rainbow. I have no solid name for it, but the basic rule of this possible challenge is to do one painting in each colour of the rainbow. Eg… One drawing/painting in tones of red, one in tones of orange, one yellow etc etc. Each artwork can be of any subject matter at all and can be done in any medium of choice.


The paintings I’ve done above were done in acrylics on canvas. The first is a green dragon, the second is blue and is of a crocodiles face. Both are spontaneous, and I used texture mediums as a base before I painted just to give texture and dimension and to add a bit more fun.

Hope you like them, though the purpose of these paintings are to gauge an example of what can be done for this challenge if it exists in the future.

I plan to bring a bit more depth into this challenge if it does take off, but that’s the basics for now. Please do leave any feedback you like. Feedback about my ideas for this challenge are particularly welcome. That’s all for now, cheers and thank you for stopping by! 🙂