Trench Comic Storyline

Hello everyone, and I’m so sorry for the delay…I’ve been rather busy. Here is the basic storyline for the possible comic idea. 🙂

TRENCH – full of action and adventure!

Begins in the fictional Trenchden Republic, home to 8 unique tribes. *Update*, I might make fewer than 8.*

(the character of Trenchden is somewhat urban and Grungy) The atmosphere is nice and peaceful, until it is disturbed by a mysterious gang that are attacking and robbing for their own gain.

Black Ice, leader of the main authority known as the “Trenchden Guardians”, gives mission briefings to his officers who investigate the gang and find out how dangerous the gang really is! Black ice is also the leader of one of the tribes.

From then on, it leads to an unexpected adventure!

The characters are all cartoon styled. (as you may have guessed.) Cheers for looking, hope to be more free enough to actually post something here soon. Bye and thanks again.

Total Disaster.


Well…? Remember the previous sketch of Laz running which I said I had no ideas for the background? This is the result for my only idea…which I thought would work. And now it’s ruined… Even the buildings and the horizon line in the landscape is crooked 😦

A word of advice to you all…never draw something when you’re stressed out, tired, and desperate for ideas.

If you are struggling, I suggest you look for inspiration… And dont be shy about it. Be it from the internet, books, or looking at older sketches you have done, it can be the most simple of things that might trigger an inspiring stroke of luck. Don’t force yourself, just try.

Also…try to relax. Dont hate yourself if you make an embarrassing mistake, just try to bounce back from it, and motivate yourself to do better.

As for me, I’m going to try another idea for this image, but this time, digitally. Lets see if I can fix this nastiness, ay?

Fingers crossed…