Toy Lazfar: Rough level concepts

Whoa! Busy busy busy! I am now finally able to at least post the rough concept designs here! (I am still waiting for my new printer to arive!!!) 😡 So I have had to photograph them. I’m sorry about the rubbish quality. Hope you still like them though-

Laz Land


Aqua Lane


Ivory Swamp


Ice Cave



Dry Rock Peak

My goal is to use these rough designs to create fully polished, digitally drawn, concept images. When I am free enough to complete them, I shall post them here! Bye for now! 😀

Red dragon animation

An animation of a red dragon flying… I have been commissioned for another task again, so the Toy Lazfar project will have to wait for now.

…Sorry about that people! 😀 I’ll try to post something on Toy Lazfar tomorrow. Even if it’s just a rough sketch of something! Bye now! 😀

© Levi Richards 2011

Side project: Toy Lazfar Adventures!

Hello everyone! I can now tell you about my side project! The aim of it is to create footage of my very own platform computer game! This game will star a main character – Toy Lazfar! Toy Lazfar is a toy version of my signature character, Lazfar (obviously!).

The project is going to be completed in parts: draft, design, & animation. At the moment, I’m drafting the characters & landscapes. Here’s my action plan;

This project is nerve racking & exciting because I have never even attempted to do this before! It could either go completely wrong, or be a complete success! 🙂

If all goes well, the game footage will feature different landscapes, enemies, items, obstacles, & even a shop. I’ll post everything I do here on my blog. Thanks for looking everyone! See you soon! 🙂

Texture attribution & Current work

Hello everyone! I just wanted to state a few things.

First of all, I use a digital program called GIMP. & yes, I am very proud that I use it.

Secondly, in my more recent digital work , I have begun using textures & even new brushes. I’ve obtained the textures I currently use from two separate websites. I’ll cite both sites now:

The first site I’ve used textures from is  A huge thanks to them! 😀  & the second is  A huge thanks to them too!! 😀

The textures I use are attributed to those two websites. & without them my life would be a lot harder!


I am still working on my side project & I am developing my ideas for it. Soon, you will all know what it is. Additionally,  I am contemplating whether or not to have a category on my blog specifically for my rough samples & designs.

If I do, it means that I would post rough sketches that I have done. That way, you can see how my ideas take shape & form in the most preliminary stages of my projects! You may gain inspiration from this if I do post them, but as with all my other work, please don’t use them yourself.

& that is all! Sorry for the long post! Bye now! 🙂

The rebel becomes an outcast!

Hello everyone! A question for my earliest audience, Do you remember this?

For the rest of you, it’s my “Rebel with a cause” illustration featuring Lazfar. I promised all of you that I would make a digital version of this fine art example. & AT LONG LAST, I created this:

So I decided to change the text from, “Rebel with a cause”, to “Outcast with a cause” in this digital example. The reason being is because I have seen so many examples of the slogan “Rebel with a cause” on other illustration designs. I want a slogan that reflects my underground persona, but I don’t want to be a complete rag & copy other phrases.

So fair enough, the word “outcast” isn’t a unique word, but the phrase “outcast with a cause”, is original, so I have preserved everything by using a more original phrase – from now on, I am an outcast, not a rebel.

Underground turn-coating at it’s best! Please feel free to comment on this! 🙂