Inktober Saga Day 12

Hello once again! Here is my next Inktober instalment. Today’s word for this one was “Shattered”. I gave this one a good go.

Day 12 Shattered I'm So Shattered

I’m So Shattered: A literal piece using my alter ego wolf to show how tired I am.

Today’s word is very convenient because it means I get to utilise a little bit of British slang to talk about exactly how tired I am. (awight!). You can use the word ‘shattered’ in this way to describe feeling very tired… and that’s exactly how I feel at the moment due to Inktober.

For translation and clarity, the text in the artwork says: “Left Right Left… Pencil to paper… JUST MAKE IT STOP!! I’m so shattered…”.

The artwork itself mainly depicts my alter ego she wolf character, Lazfar who represents myself being shattered. I also drew my hand drawing her to symbolise that challenges and stress like this are double edged swords that actually make me who I am.

For the avoidance of doubt The phrase “Left Right Left” is symbolic of a disciplined soldiers march. “Pencil to Paper” is symbolic of working or drawing on paper constantly.

I drew this using different coloured fine liners, and it is a bit messy, but that’s to represent the hectic schedule I have at the moment.

A small fun fact for you all: This entry for day 12 is almost exactly the same in concept to the day 12 I did last year! Coincidence?

Time for the Back 2 The Liner story. See below.

B2TL Day 12 Shattered

B2TL Day 12 Shattered.

The strategy goes well as Dagger dodges a punch with a somersault, and Boundhund smashes the Robbogoblin… But was it really that easy…?

For translation and clarity, the text reads: “THWAHH! Dagger dodged the punch with grace! And Then! KKRRTTSSHHH!! A direct hit! Boundhund’s attack SHATTERED the Robbogoblin like brittle glass! If only that was all…”

Hello once again. This naturally took time again to complete being as there was so much detail in the broken shards as well as the layout of the whole episode, but I hope doing it that way was the right thing to do, it was a slight risk after all.

This was easier to complete as I thought though…And yes! More badly drawn crooked rain fun! Hooray(!)

Anyhow, hope you enjoy as always. There’s more to come!

Well, as usual, I hope you enjoy my entries. See you next time for the next word “Teeming”!

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Wolf Style Family Portrait

Hello all! Firstly, I’d like to announce that my posting day for now on will be Monday instead of Sunday… It’s just for my convenience, but nothing else will change.

It’s now been 3 weeks and 1 day since Wendigo passed away, and I’ve been feeling a bit tender about it… but otherwise, we’re doing very well getting over this tragedy. I’ve been preparing another tribute for him, which I will tell you all about in due time.

Anyway, here is another drawing of different styled wolves done in an experimental way: as a family portrait! This is done so I can try drawing my wolf character in different styles. Hoping you all will like it. Cheers and enjoy!


Wolf Sketches 2

Hello there! Here is a second batch of wolf sketches I’ve done to get my mind nice and active. These will give me some nice inspiration for my character designs. I hope to draw at least two of these as a digital piece. They’re slightly bad photos I know…but I hope you enjoy them! Bye for now and have a splendid new week! Cheers all!

Jpeg Jpeg Jpeg

Wolf Sketches

Hello all… The ringing in my ears is still here to try and push me out of sync… however, I’m just doing my best to relax and even forget it’s there. Hopefully, me resting and just playing around with some ideas from time to time can give me some strength to fight this thing off for good…

Anyway, I’m now pointing my ‘personal project’ focus towards redesigning Lazfar my alter ago wolf character. I’ve started the ball rolling with these wolf sketches. These are reference inspired, but were ultimately done from imagination.

Green wolf

This rough sketch was done in watercolours, in which I tested a new method of mine I’ve nicknamed ‘Drawing With A Brush’. The idea was to paint this by using a paintbrush as similar as possible to how I would draw with a pen. I used different hues of one colour, with the purpose of experimenting with depth.



I sketched a more detailed wolf’s head, again, just to play around. Both of these are exactly the same design sketched twice in different media. The grey one was sketched using graphite pencils. The red one was painted using cheep poster paint using my new DWAB technique to explore what I can achieve.

I’ll try to make more work based on this theme, and as usual, you’re more than welcome to comment. For now, thanks for looking and I wish you a relaxing Sunday and a good new week (and month) ahead. Cheers everyone!




Total Disaster.


Well…? Remember the previous sketch of Laz running which I said I had no ideas for the background? This is the result for my only idea…which I thought would work. And now it’s ruined… Even the buildings and the horizon line in the landscape is crooked 😦

A word of advice to you all…never draw something when you’re stressed out, tired, and desperate for ideas.

If you are struggling, I suggest you look for inspiration… And dont be shy about it. Be it from the internet, books, or looking at older sketches you have done, it can be the most simple of things that might trigger an inspiring stroke of luck. Don’t force yourself, just try.

Also…try to relax. Dont hate yourself if you make an embarrassing mistake, just try to bounce back from it, and motivate yourself to do better.

As for me, I’m going to try another idea for this image, but this time, digitally. Lets see if I can fix this nastiness, ay?

Fingers crossed…

Hello & Merry Christmas!

Lazfar Merry Christmas Fools

Hello Everyone!!! Wow it’s been a long time! I am sorry for not being here for such a long time!! 🙂 I’ve just been working so long on my designs, so I haven’t been able to post anything here!

…Alright, so it isn’t exactly Christmas day yet, (& to be honest I’m not a big fan of the Christmas season anyway), but I just thought I should wish everyone a massive season’s greetings! Merry Christmas, people!

As for what is happening now? Well, I have finally completed the book cover design, (& I shall post it here as soon as it is published! :D) there is still work to do on the Toy Lazfar level illustrations, & there has also been an official request for me to complete another Amy Winehouse sketch! Right now, anything can happen! 😀

But right now, I am going to take a small break from all this pain-staking work! I wish you all the best! Bye for now! 😀