Beginning to get better!

Hello all. I’m still a bit ill, but I’m finally beginning to get better! I still havent been able to do much at all as I have been resting and taking strong medication, so I am now starting to run out of anything new to upload. But I came up with a small solution to this problem…

Please see the bamboo sketch below. Another sketch inspired by the oriental theme.

Bamboo sketch

Quick sketch done in chinese sumi ink on budget printer paper. It’s as simple as that.

But how long exactly did this take me to draw I hear you cry? Just look below.


That’s right. A little over 3 mins and 29 seconds. I timed myself on my mobile phone. This is the perfect excercise to do when you’re in a rush to rest.

Enjoy. See you next time.

Ever so sorry…

Heron pond

So sorry people, but I’ve come down with a nasty ear infection all this week and am still suffering with it. Haven’t been able to complete my dragon or do much else at all.

Above is a 5 min line and wash sketch of a heron in a pond inspired by Chinese brush painting. Poster paint on watercolour paper, I did this a few weeks ago.

Autumn always makes me ill, I don’t know why…

Bye for now best wishes.

More Chinese Doodling Fun

Two Tigers

Hello once again, I did the painting of two tigers above in Chinese ink and watercolours. It took me approximately 15 – 20mins to complete in a spontaneous style. The title of this piece is “Two Tigers”, but it has an added message I did in Simplified Chinese…

” Two Tigers sit by my bedside. Their presence is as strong as steel”.

I wrote that because this is literally by my bed. Tigers are strong in addition…as strong as steel perhaps. So this message is to give me strength. It’s also a tradition to put a message like this in a Chinese painting, so I have done so, but in my way, and from left to right and not the normal way of writing right to left.

I also put “2015 year of the goat”, as this is the year of the goat in the Chinese zodiac. Fun fact: I was born in 1991, which is again a year of the goat.


This drawing of a Chinese dragon I did on olive coloured sugar paper is unfinished, but I want to take my time with this one. I want it to be one of my more detailed good pieces. I drew this in pencil first and went over it in pen. Stay tuned to see it finished.

Thats all for now, and as usual, have a relaxing weekend!



Here it is everybody. My stamp is finally finished! I carved my logo design into a rubber block to make it. I may or may not do a neater one again as I came across a better design transfer method, but until then, its done.

It’s my nan’s birthday pretty soon, so I decided to create a bookmark for her. I didn’t have any ideas to begin with, so I decided to trawl the internet. As I did, I saw some beautiful Chinese and Japanese sumi paintings of koi carp and bamboo among other subjects.

“Bingo!” I thought. “Why not do that for her?”. I’ve always been a big fan of oriental artwork, especially Chinese brush paintings. (although I’m not really a painter, I like to draw rather than paint).

I got to work, and using line and wash, I made the bookmark design below. It’s entitled “Calm Water”, and this was the perfect opportunity to use my stamp on the back of the piece.



Top: Calm Water bookmark artwork.

Bottom: the reverse of the bookmark stamped, signed, and finished.

From then on, I got a huge burst of inspiration. The brush painting videos and images I saw gave me an appetite to try to experiment with similar techniques myself. I began to see that this sort of art, was almost like drawing, but with brushes. There are so many impressive things that can be achieved, I’ve only just touched the surface…and this is just all for the fun of it.

I took a photo of one of my cats, Murphy, and decided to do a 5 minute spontaneous brush painting of him, just for the laughs. Before I even thought of the idea, I brought some authentic Chinese sumi brushes and liquid ink… I was dying to practice this using the real typical materials.

My cat Murphy

This is Murphy. (bless him 😛 )


And this is my spontaneous 5 minute sketch of the little rascal, entitled, “Murphy Sitting”. I’ll be brutally honest: I’m mildly outraged at the amount of errors here, ( even the chinese lettering I did, which says the title, is stiff and plain), but that isn’t the point of this piece. I wanted to just bury myself in the fun. I find it an achievement that I managed to just let go for once and find solace in playing with the art.

In the image above, you can see the Chinese brushes I brought. And I absolutely love them, you can manipulate the brush, and to some extent, it will keep its shape! The liquid ink I got is totally amazing as well. It has a rich, nearly clingy sort of consistency. Furthermore, the amount you can paint with just one brush stroke is gorgeous. Only a little is needed for excellent coverage, and you can add as little or as much water as you need. Excellent stuff.


And with the finished piece, I put my stamp on the bottom right hand corner. The stamp in this instance, believe it or not, was stamped using the same gorgeous Chinese ink. It really is impressive and versatile in my eyes.

That’s all for now. What do you think? Have you done any similar projects to clear your mind before? What do you do different to unwind? Feel free to comment as usual.

Bye for now all. Have a great weekend!