Rainbow Heron

Hello everyone. Sorry for the on and off absence, it’s been rather hectic here. I recently made this piece as a gift to my neighbour. It’s all framed and ready to go. As I write, she doesn’t know I made this for her, so hopefully it’ll be a nice surprise.

Rainbow Heron sign

Rainbow Heron – I wonder where it’s off to…?

Done using Inktense pencils and pen on watercolour paper… I’m not sure the exact dimensions of the paper, but I think it’s around A5 or A6…? I suppose I could measure it with the frame included, but to be honest, I haven’t got time.

It’s not anything major, but thought I’d share it as a side project here. Cheers for stopping by!

Artwork is Copyright Lazfar 2019. All rights reserved.

Gravy Dragon

Hello all! Hope you’ve all been well. I’ve been inspired to think out of the box with my tools in order to do something different and have fun.

Gravy Dragon Copyright

Get on the Gravy Train. Artwork made from gravy.

This dragon was drawn using gravy… (yes, you read right, just gravy!) On A4 sized paper.

I used both a brush, and even a dip pen to draw this dragon which is mostly from my imagination. There are some things to note when drawing with this unconventional “medium”…

  1. It dries quite slowly. I worked in a room with a heater on in order for it to dry quicker. Whilst layering wet layers, I had to be patient for it to dry in between before using a dip pen to draw on more intricate details on top of basic washes.

  2. It’s not waterproof, it behaves a bit like watercolour in that you can lift out areas using a paper towel, and create cauliflower effects when working wet in wet. Beware though, the more you work onto the surface, the rougher the gravy gets in it’s consistency when layering (it was like that on the paper I worked on anyway).

You can also “erase” by dropping or brushing clean water onto the paper. Wait for the water to “soak in” and the longer you wait, the clearer the erasing will be when you use a paper towel.

  1. In my opinion, It is reminiscent of Burnt Sienna with yellow undertones. It dries a reddish brown, but the thinner the paint, the yellower it dries. You might or might not see it in this image, but that’s how I found it to be.

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That’s all for now. I hope you like this post, and I thank you for stopping by!

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2019 Pig Warrior “Bring Home The Bacon”

Happy New Year everyone! I know it’s slightly late to say that, but I’ve only just gotten the full opportunity to post this, so I hope it counts.

It’s been a slight tradition of mine to create a piece of art at the start of the year that represents the animal of the year coloured according to the colour of the year chosen by Pantone. 2019 is the year of the pig in the Chinese zodiac, and the colour of this year as chosen by Pantone is “living coral” which is a beautiful red/orange hue, but it can look a bit pinkish as well. When doing “start of the year” subjects, I usually draw it as a warrior. Mainly to perk myself up for the year ahead.

2019 year of the pig (coral pantone)

Year of the Pig Warrior: Celebrating 2019 my way.

This warrior is a pig with a bow and arrow I did with various inks. I wanted to do something different and do some black block comic shading for depth and as a contrast against the strong saturation and hue of the coral colour. I hope you enjoy it… I also wish everyone a prosperous 2019!

Drawing Competition Wolf Entries

Hello all! I’ve entered two pieces into the #DerwentArtPrize – a competition for any drawings done in pencil.

… I’d be completely and utterly lying if I said I was confident, but I entered anyway, just for the sake of it.

The Lone Wolf's Leer - Copy

The Lone Wolf’s Leer

This is the first entry I’ve named “The Lone Wolf’s Leer”, and it’s a drawing of a wolf looking into the distance. The idea of this is to emulate the “year of the wolf” idea of mine by using purple, (colour of the year 2018), as well as it’s divided parts – the primary colours, red and blue. This photo doesn’t really show it that well, but there is a gradient of said colours and there’s also a background of mist and clouds for atmosphere to make the wolf look independent.

Drawn using graphite and coloured pencils on paper measuring 32cm x 24 cm.

Out Of The Picture - Copy

Out Of The Picture

This is the second of the two pieces I’ve entered I’ve named “Out Of The picture”.

Apologies for the rubbish photo, but this one is a violet coloured wolf literally jumping “out of the picture”. It kind of shares the same concept as my first entry of being the “year of the wolf”, but since this is the Chinese zodiac year of the earth dog, I’ve used a symbol of the earth – a canyon setting.

I’ve had my moments of strong doubt about this piece – it wasn’t supposed to come out like this, but I’ve gone with it anyway.

Completed using graphite, water soluble, and coloured pencils on A3 paper.

I hope you like these entries and I wish you all a wonderful week. Cheers for stopping by!

St Georges Day Batch

‘Ello mates! Happy St Georges day! 🇬🇧

…Well alright, I’m a day late (both for uploading and for St Georges)…. these were supposed to be uploaded yesterday, but I was too tired to upload them then, so have posted this now.

I used the time I could get to create these for Tiny Treasures, and (obviously!) these are inspired by the English patron saint, St George. Please don’t kill me for yet another horrendous photograph… I’m aware that there’s a terrible glare at the bottom, but I couldn’t try to arrange these any better.

ST Georges Batch

Pride Of The English: ACEO batch inspired by our national St Georges Day.

I completed the designs using ink for outlines, and various coloured pencils, ink, and inktense pencils for the colours, layering to get gradated effects.

I actually challenged myself within this challenge by drawing a horse… in my eyes, besides figures and portraits, horses are the most unforgiving living subjects to draw, even in this style… There’s so much to pay attention to when drawing them, and getting one factor wrong means trouble… but I quite enjoyed doing this batch overall.

Tally = 27

All of these designs are Trading Card/ACEO size 2.5 x 3.5 inches. Designs are named the following:

Top Left: The Dragon (Why did I forget to draw his wings??)
Top Right: English She Wolf
Bottom Left: George-Fiti
Bottom Right: Man and Mount

Please note that I’m still quite busy, so forgive me for my absence, but I’ll try to be around when I have time.

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Thanks so much for stopping by as always… I do hope you enjoy! Cheers! 🎈

Wolf and Sheep Batch

And finally… these two beasties have been coloured in and are now finished. I must say, I’m not sure whether I like them or hate them, but they’re as close as I’m going to get to what I had planned for this concept…

Additionally, I’m still not 100% satisfied that I like my designing format… I’m feeling urgent about making my designs look less flat… but admittedly, I’m somewhat struggling to figure it out.

I completed both ACEO’s using Inktense pencils as before, only this time, I added some white ink highlights for interest. See below.

Wolf and Sheep ACEO's
Wolf and Sheep Size Comparison

Photo 1 Shows the finished ACEO deisgns
Photo 2 Shows the ACEO’s next to my original planned sketches.

My tally is now 23 (I don’t include the large sketches they’re there just for size comparison).

Both of the final designs are Trading Card/ACEO size 2.5 x 3.5 inches. Designs are named the following:

(Top photo)  Left: Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing
(Top photo) Right: Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing

Please note My posting schedule might become more irregular from here, but I’ll try to still be active given the circumstances. Thanks for staying with me!

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Tiny Treasures Batch 3

For this next misc batch, I did some more skulls! I again wanted to put some variations on the designs, but for consistency, I decided to focus on one subject this time round, and as my previous skulls design was very popular (and also somewhat nostalgic to draw), I decided that this would be the subject of choice for this batch.

MISC Batch 3

Left: Jolly Old Roger
Top Middle: Demon Skull
Right: Skull and Snake
Bottom Middle: Twinfire Skulls

These were all done using ink for an initial outline, and coloured either using Inktense water soluble coloured pencils or other wax coloured pencils. Apologies for another bad photo, I’ve never exactly been adept at photography…

Now for the wolves…Metal wolves now for my next batch. By the way, I’m aware that I’m hideously late with post this for which I apologise… I’ve been somewhat busy, but also think that I may be experiencing a rough patch creative wise, you’ll have to bear with me if you can. See the wolves batch below:

Wolf Batch 3

Top left: Gold Sabre Wolf
Top Middle: Coppa Wolf (Coppa as in “Copper” but in a British accent, haha)
Top Right: Silver With Anger
Bottom: Grand Gold Wolf

I did all of these using metallic pigments and inks for the background (in gold, silver, and copper). As for the wolves themselves, I used simple black ink. I struggled to get the black ink to stick to the metallic background, but wanted to go out of the box and try this style out to boost my collection a little bit.

All of these are Trading Card/ACEO size 2.5 x 3.5 inches. I now have a tally of 21.

Still in the dark about my Tiny Treasures art challenge and want to know more? Please check out the Tiny Treasures rules post link below:


As always, thanks for stopping by! Enjoy! 🙂

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Tiny Treasures Second Batches

Hello again! Here’s my second batch of ACEO designs, I had inspiration to do a howling wolf in my “colour before black” method, and the other two are based on a she-wolf character called “Boundie” from my Inktober comic, Back 2 The Liner. They were done using inks and watercolour pencils.

Wolf Batch 2

Top: Wolf In The Moon
Bottom Left: Young Boundie
Bottom Right: Adult Boundie

I’ve just been dawdling, experimenting, and having fun with it… when I have time of course! I might make more serious designs, but to do that, I must become one with the size I’m working with.

I’ll admit, I don’t typically work on terribly large paper… but I’m not accustomed to working to the size of an average playing card either. Perspective and foreshortening might have to be implemented more in future in order for me to create designs to my satisfaction… I don’t want my collection to look too static.

MISC Batch 2

Top Left: Purple Rabbit With 3 Eyes (this one is based on another joke)
Top Right: 3 Eyed Monster Rabbit (so is this one! Same joke.)
Bottom Left: Boom Shower
Bottom Right: Hoard ‘O’ Skulls

I completed this misc batch, again using various media. The “Boom” design using mainly watercolour pencils, skulls in graphite pencil and the rabbits using inks and mica watercolours.

All of these are Trading Card/ACEO size 2.5 x 3.5 inches. I now have a tally of 12.

Anyone of any ability is welcome in my challenge. You can make artwork in all sorts of sizes like this… or tile format, small greetings card format… any small format or object less than A5 in size. Join us and have fun with it! Here are the rules if you’re interested:


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Tiny Treasures First Batches

Hello all and so sorry for the delay in posting these…. these are a group of various Trading card/ACEO designs I’ve done for my current art challenge held in my G+ Art Challenge community. The challenge itself is known as “Tiny Treasures” and the idea is to do many small artworks equal to, or smaller than, A5 in size.

Wolf batch 1

The wolf Batch. Top: Brit wolf
Left: From Tame to Wild Wolf
Right: Year of The Wolf

I plan to make a wolf collection (naturally) similar to the pieces above. For flavour and to make things not too biased, I’ll also be making a collection of varying designs done in my style like the examples below.

MISC Batch 1

The Misc Batch. Top: Triwing Club Badge (This is the design of badge I made for my community)
Bottom: “Come As You Are” Graffiti
Right: My Walrus Likes To eat Snails (A piece inspired by a joke I made with someone on G+)

I completed them using various media, mainly inks, pencils, coloured pencils, and watercolour paints depending on the designs. All of these are Trading Card/ACEO size 2.5 x 3.5 inches.

Anyone of any ability is welcome in my challenge. You can make artwork in all sorts of sizes like this… or tile format, small greetings card format… any small format or object less than A5 in size. Join us and have fun with it! Here are the rules if you’re interested:


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From Tame To Wild

This is a combined piece made up of the two entries, “Tame” and “Wild” I made for my own #Duality Art Challenge held in my G+ community.

From Tame To Wild

From Tame To Wild: A combination of my chosen dualities.

At last these are finished. My apologies for the lacklustre photo, these pieces separately measure 320mm x 240mm which is bigger than my scanner. Consequently, I had to wait a day for better lighting (This was actually finished on Monday night) and had to rely on my mediocre photography skills.

The combined piece measures 320mm x 480mm. Not including small corrections, this was all done entirely using ink fineliners ranging from 0.3 to 0.5 in size.



My first duality, Tame. This is the first half of the main piece.

“Tame” idea: To have a wolf drawn cart moving along a rocky mountainous terrain to symbolise the “hard work” and ethics involved with being tame. Taming whip would be the main focus, whipping the main wolf to be tame whilst it merges into “Wild”. There’s a frame made of chains, and also, a subtle cliche of a chair in the lower part of this.

Text reads “Damn Right I’m Tame”. Drawn in serif style, but with complimentary colours to the text drawn in “Wild”.



My second duality, Wild. This is the oher half.

“Wild” idea: For the main wolf to look ferocious. Broken chains, a lightning strike, and a fierce colour palette are supposed to dominate the piece. I’ve also doodled a howling wolf, some monsters and other little drawings as the overall style was supposed to be almost “doodle book”.

Text reads “But I’m Also Wild”. Drawn in rebellious graffiti, but with complimentary colours to the text drawn in “Tame”.

Am I happy with the result? Yes and no. For the positive part, I’ll say that I’m happy with some of the dynamism and the way I’ve hatched in background colour. The main wolf in the combined piece also stands out as the main focus which is what I had intended.

What I’m unhappy about is my idea for the “Tame” part. I’ll admit, I had almost no idea about how I’d show this initially, but slowly enough, an idea came to me to include the wolf drawn cart, and (like in my rough) the taming whip. I drew a landscape for the cart to move on, but as I began to finalise this idea, a second one came to mind to make the wolf drawn cart the main subject all on it’s own with the whipped main wolf and text. I couldn’t change my mind at this point… I was committed to a lesser idea because of time constraints. I have huge regrets as a result.

Overall, it is what it is, and I think I’ll eventually learn to accept this for how this turned out. Lesson learned though – don’t draw large pieces with tiny fineliners.

In any event I hope you enjoy this as always.

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