Annual exhibition: My pieces.

Hello everyone! I forgot to mention that I am a member of a local art society, and recently, we had an exhibition to which I brought 3 pieces of work to put on show. These were:


Crafty page Poster:

A multi- image illustration with a difference. In the image are certain items of stationary such as a pen and oil pastel which “draw” the images in the piece. This was intended to be a powerful yet fun image.



A story within this picture goes that a lizard would rather stay loyal to his broken boat than be on the paradise islands in the background. There are a lot of blue tones in this image which connote loyalty (as although blue means other things as well, also symbolises loyalty)


Why Not?

A simple illustration with text. it’s supposed to be a jazzy, modern style piece that makes you think of the fun of saying “why not?” So yeah, why not? 🙂
Anyway, I shall see you next time. Cheers all and enjoy! 😀