Inktober batch 3

Continuing in Inktober. This is the next batch:


Day 18: Escape. Like a Bat Gremlin Out Of Hell


Day 19: Flight. Magpie Slick


Day 20: Squeeze. Squeezed Blob


Day 21: Big. Big Cat


Day 22: Little. Little Gnome


Day 23: Slow. Sunday Slow Lane


Day 24: One Dozen. Bird In A Bird

That’s it for this week. Hope you enjoy, see you next time for the last batch! Cheers all!

Inktober: Next batch

Hello all. Please see Inktober images 11 – 17. Hope you enjoy! Cheers for now!

Day 11: Transport. Custom Transport.


Day 12: Worried. Artist anxiety.


Day 13: Scared. Scaredy Cat.


Day 14: Tree. The Lion Tree.


Day 15: Relax. The Midnight Sun.


Day 16: Wet. Red Fish.


And finally… Day 17: Battle. Battle Standard.


See you with the next batch next week. Stay inspired and stay tuned!

Inktober 2016 First 10 Days

Hello all. A couple of days ago, I found out that a fun drawing challenge exists called Inktober. I found out quite late that it even existed, but despite this, I was eager to give it a go. It’s never too late to take part in something like this, so why not?

For those who are not aware of what Inktober is, it is a fun challenge done by artists all over the world in which you draw something in ink for each day in October. Each time a drawing is finished, you upload the image online and tag it with #Inktober and #Inktober2016.

There is a prompt list that you may follow with words to base your drawing on, though this is optional. I have chosen to follow that list.

The aim of Inktober is just to bring out good drawing habits and it is purely for fun, but it’s also interesting to see how fellow artists and illustrators take on the challenge in their own way.

And with that, here are my first 10 drawings. To symbolise how late I came into the challenge, the first 8 images are in sepia ink. I aim to use different inks in different ways for the next ones. Enjoy!

Day 1: Fast (ball through the sky),


Day 2: Noisy (80’s boombox)


Day 3: Collect (Squirrel collecting a nut)


Day 4: Hungry (Hungry monster)


Day 5: Sad (Sad dog)


Day 6: Hidden (Hidden ninja girl)


Day 7: Lost (Lil’ girl lost)


Day 8: Rock (Rock Golem holding a stick of rock)


Day 9: Broken (Broken down machine)


Day 10: Jump (Man jumping to reach for the star)


That’s all for now, stay tuned for the next batch of images next week!

Inked Character Illustration


These images show the artwork before and after it was coloured.

Hello all. There is a bit of a story behind why this post is a bit late… during the designing of this piece, I accidentally stabbed myself in the eye with my pencil! Yes, it hurt a lot…. though thankfully I’ve recovered from my injury.

Anyhow, I designed an illustration with a few characters in it just for fun. This was done in a new technique of mine – partial colouring. I aim to partially colour some parts for effect and balance. Still trying to perfect it when I can, though in the meantime, I hope you enjoy my work.

Cheers and have a great weekend.