Gravy Dragon

Hello all! Hope you’ve all been well. I’ve been inspired to think out of the box with my tools in order to do something different and have fun.

Gravy Dragon Copyright

Get on the Gravy Train. Artwork made from gravy.

This dragon was drawn using gravy… (yes, you read right, just gravy!) On A4 sized paper.

I used both a brush, and even a dip pen to draw this dragon which is mostly from my imagination. There are some things to note when drawing with this unconventional “medium”…

  1. It dries quite slowly. I worked in a room with a heater on in order for it to dry quicker. Whilst layering wet layers, I had to be patient for it to dry in between before using a dip pen to draw on more intricate details on top of basic washes.

  2. It’s not waterproof, it behaves a bit like watercolour in that you can lift out areas using a paper towel, and create cauliflower effects when working wet in wet. Beware though, the more you work onto the surface, the rougher the gravy gets in it’s consistency when layering (it was like that on the paper I worked on anyway).

You can also “erase” by dropping or brushing clean water onto the paper. Wait for the water to “soak in” and the longer you wait, the clearer the erasing will be when you use a paper towel.

  1. In my opinion, It is reminiscent of Burnt Sienna with yellow undertones. It dries a reddish brown, but the thinner the paint, the yellower it dries. You might or might not see it in this image, but that’s how I found it to be.

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