Ragfire (Competition Win)

Hello all! Going to keep this short and sweet… But basically, I entered a small competition on a community page in G+. The subject of the competition was to draw a magic using battle character/comic book character/superhero that either, pre exists, or is designed by yourself.

I designed my own character named Ragfire, a fire warrior that was drawn by myself using ball point pens. He is from my imagination, but inspired by old school mages and similar designs. I wasn’t very happy with my entry… But nonetheless, submitted it in and it was picked as top 5 to go through to vote!


Yep! This is Ragfire. In all his arcane glory. I took a complete plunge with this one!


🎆 Long story short, I won!! By a 38% majority!! I never thought I’d win with this, but I did!! Whoo! Time to celebrate! 🎆

I only entered in to give it a go… But I came out in top! The moral of the story here is: never be afraid even just to try something! You never know what it could lead to!

Until next time, enjoy! 😁