Rainbow Heron

Hello everyone. Sorry for the on and off absence, it’s been rather hectic here. I recently made this piece as a gift to my neighbour. It’s all framed and ready to go. As I write, she doesn’t know I made this for her, so hopefully it’ll be a nice surprise.

Rainbow Heron sign

Rainbow Heron – I wonder where it’s off to…?

Done using Inktense pencils and pen on watercolour paper… I’m not sure the exact dimensions of the paper, but I think it’s around A5 or A6…? I suppose I could measure it with the frame included, but to be honest, I haven’t got time.

It’s not anything major, but thought I’d share it as a side project here. Cheers for stopping by!

Artwork is Copyright Lazfar 2019. All rights reserved.

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