The Panther study project was a great success. This is the final outcome of that project, creating a poster design on canvas of a panther symbolic of my mum, as a Christmas present for her.


I created it by bonding together different sized canvases before using acrylic paint and oil pastels to make the artwork. I did it to reflect the important things I find about my mum.
The panther is brown as my mother’s lucky colour is brown. She’s atop a rock with roots hanging down because she’s my rock and she is also very down to earth and rootsy, (if that’s even a word). I summed up everything with 3 words, rock, roots, panther to finish the piece.

DSCF3177 DSCF3180

In addition to that, I made her a model of Bagpuss. She absolutely loves that cat. I got her a few other presents as well, and we had great fun. I hope you all did too. 😀

DSCF3179 DSCF3175

I also made a snow scene with some toys and fake instant snow I brought. In the photos I took below, I put a toy dragon and a toy wolf into a container with the fake snow, and there are some of my mum’s other presents in the background. Doesn’t it look nice? 🙂


I added extra snow to the dragon’s wings. Maybe I’ll draw this one day.


Well, that’s all. Hope you have had a wonderful Christmas, and enjoy a great new year to come! Here’s to a fruitful 2015! 😀


Treasure Haul (Christmas).

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