“You Came To See This Bird” Final Piece (its my birthday!!)

 You came to see this bird Final

This is the final finished bird at last! Hooray! I think it works rather well, and the meaning of the bird coming from an ink blot is clear, so I’m happy with it. (although the photo doesnt really do it justice…)

I have named the piece, “you came to see this bird”. It’s a reflection of coming to see this bird magically emerge from an ink blot.

In other news, its my birthday tomorrow! (I’m getting old) 😛 but ay! If you’re going to be old, why not be old and free? Age is just a number after all, haha. 😉

Enjoy the art I have made here, have a wonderful relaxing time, and feel free to comment! I am up for any opinions as usual.

That’s all. Bye for now!


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