Concept: Black Crow 2nd Stage.

 You came to see this bird coloured

This is the 2nd stage of the crow idea i’m doing. (If you’re wondering why there are silver lines drawn on this…dont worry, its not a mistake, they are reference lines for me to lightbox over at the next stage!)

The colours are working as planned, and im starting to get aquainted with using ink for lighter shades, so im feeling very optimistic for the final outcome. The only thing I say is wrong personally are the crow’s tallons. The right one seems a bit bigger than the left one… (Yes, this was unintentional this time).

Someone even suggested to me to make an extention of this idea by doing a magpie in the same style. I might take up that idea if this one goes well…lets see!

What do you think to all of that? Any comments or suggestions, as usual, feel free to post them. Cheers for now. Until next time!


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