Recovering Still

 Make do n mend poster-01

Alright. Cards on the table. The bad news is that I’ve had a few ups and downs with my recovery, the good news is, I’m confident now that I’m improving and getting better!

I’m well enough to get on with my work. Furthermore, I’m planning to exhibit work in an exhibition in November alongside the local art society I am with. (I have yet to make the artwork, but it will be done!)

In the meantime…Thank goodness I have the poster design above that I never uploaded.

Cheers mates! Sorry for the slightly late post. Have a wonderful up coming week!


2 thoughts on “Recovering Still

  1. Very professional, and the colour choice is very fitting (Green is often portrayed as a colour of rejuvenation)

    The font is very nice, the lines are clean (I love that bear <3)

    I'm glad you're beginning to get back on your feet! Here's to a strong comeback post recovery! I hope you're otherwise doing well, and good luck with the exhibit! Rooting for you all the way! Let me know how it's gone when it's all said and done ^-^

    Do have a great week!

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    • Thanks so much!

      As always, I love your input and I love to read your analysis.

      I do hope all is going well for you (hope you are getting my replies 🙂 ) and I wish you all the best.

      Cheers mate!


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