From Tame To Wild

This is a combined piece made up of the two entries, “Tame” and “Wild” I made for my own #Duality Art Challenge held in my G+ community.

From Tame To Wild

From Tame To Wild: A combination of my chosen dualities.

At last these are finished. My apologies for the lacklustre photo, these pieces separately measure 320mm x 240mm which is bigger than my scanner. Consequently, I had to wait a day for better lighting (This was actually finished on Monday night) and had to rely on my mediocre photography skills.

The combined piece measures 320mm x 480mm. Not including small corrections, this was all done entirely using ink fineliners ranging from 0.3 to 0.5 in size.



My first duality, Tame. This is the first half of the main piece.

“Tame” idea: To have a wolf drawn cart moving along a rocky mountainous terrain to symbolise the “hard work” and ethics involved with being tame. Taming whip would be the main focus, whipping the main wolf to be tame whilst it merges into “Wild”. There’s a frame made of chains, and also, a subtle cliche of a chair in the lower part of this.

Text reads “Damn Right I’m Tame”. Drawn in serif style, but with complimentary colours to the text drawn in “Wild”.



My second duality, Wild. This is the oher half.

“Wild” idea: For the main wolf to look ferocious. Broken chains, a lightning strike, and a fierce colour palette are supposed to dominate the piece. I’ve also doodled a howling wolf, some monsters and other little drawings as the overall style was supposed to be almost “doodle book”.

Text reads “But I’m Also Wild”. Drawn in rebellious graffiti, but with complimentary colours to the text drawn in “Tame”.

Am I happy with the result? Yes and no. For the positive part, I’ll say that I’m happy with some of the dynamism and the way I’ve hatched in background colour. The main wolf in the combined piece also stands out as the main focus which is what I had intended.

What I’m unhappy about is my idea for the “Tame” part. I’ll admit, I had almost no idea about how I’d show this initially, but slowly enough, an idea came to me to include the wolf drawn cart, and (like in my rough) the taming whip. I drew a landscape for the cart to move on, but as I began to finalise this idea, a second one came to mind to make the wolf drawn cart the main subject all on it’s own with the whipped main wolf and text. I couldn’t change my mind at this point… I was committed to a lesser idea because of time constraints. I have huge regrets as a result.

Overall, it is what it is, and I think I’ll eventually learn to accept this for how this turned out. Lesson learned though – don’t draw large pieces with tiny fineliners.

In any event I hope you enjoy this as always.

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Year of the Wolf Warrior

Hello all! Sorry for the lateness of this post, but I’ve finally managed to finish this wolf warrior themed sketch for this week’s main post (due yesterday). I was actually afraid to upload this as I thought I messed it up a great deal at 2am… but managed to pluck up the courage to upload it today.

Year of the Wolf Warrior

Year Of The Wolf: This piece gains inspiration from and is a twist of the Chinese zodiac “Year of the Dog”.

I did this using watercolour, gouache, and ink on a Saunders Waterford NOT pressed watercolour block. Size: 280 x 180mm.

I think the mistakes came instantly when I decided to draw directly onto the block without planning first. I ended up drawing and erasing marks repeatedly which damaged the surface, so when applying a wash after inking, the previously erased lines showed up.

I was gutted when this happened, but I’ll admit, I know Saunders is an amazing paper, but for me personally, it’s not for my kind of spontaneous ink and colour pieces. I should have treated my surface with more respect.

Moving on, I drew some Chinese calligraphy to suit the piece, and the writing literally means “Wolf” (as in the animal).

This warrior is different from the others I did because he isn’t equipped with any traditional weapons… however, he doesn’t need them! He has his fangs and claws to do damage with… he’s already equipped and ready to go!

Hope you enjoy as always. Cheers for now!

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Artwork in this post is Copyright 2018 Lazfar. All rights reserved.

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Old Skool Wolf

Happy New Year everyone! Sorry for the long gap in posting, I hosted Birdmas on G+ in December, and have forgotten to upload work here.

On a lighter note, This is my very first artwork of the year 2018!

Old Skool Wolf

Happy New Year! Old Skool Wolf: inspired by new year trends.

I’ve incorporated a couple of inspirations into this… Firstly, because I traditionally kick off the year with a Chinese zodiac based piece, I’ve done this year’s Chinese zodiac animal. 2018 is the Chinese year of the dog… however, with me being lone wolf spirited, I’ve decided to twist things a bit and do a “year of the wolf” theme instead.

My second inspiration is about Pantone’s colour of the year… I’ve found out it’s Ultra Violet! Being a strong, blue based violet colour is wonderful for me because it’s one of my personal favourite colours. To reflect this chosen colour of the year, I’ve used the nearest colour I could find in order to represent it.

This was done using inks on A4 paper. I’ve added another small twist with the phrase “OLD SKOOL 2018 A.K.A 1998” on the bottom right… being a retro nostalgia freak, that’s how I’ll approach being in 2018. Old school is back in session!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy! Here’s to a wonderful year… best wishes from me! See you next time!

Panther Vest Design Project

Hello all! In between Birdmas, I’ve been planning to do a project as a Christmas present for someone! Particularly, I aim to do a design on a vest, and the main part of the design will be a panther.

I was inspired by old anatomy sketches I did in 2014. See below.

pen and wash 3pen and wash 2

pen and wash 4

Quick Panther Sketches.

Using those, I’ve drawn this design in my sketchpad. I’ve yet to make some tweaks to it, and obviously there will be some colour added also. Once the design is finalised, it’ll be transferred onto the garment.

Image (123)

Vest Design WIP: A striding panther accompanied with some flamboyant vintage text.

For translation and clarity, the text in the artwork says “STOOP”. Stoop is the nickname of the recipient of the vest.

Hope you enjoy for now! Thanks to all those who have stopped by to look
at this, and an even bigger thanks to those who have signed up to my Birdmas Challenge Club! Only 4 days to go!

If you wish to know more about my drawing challenge or want to sign up, please click on this G+ community link:

Anyone is welcome! (Provided I haven’t blocked you or you’re not a troll of course!)

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Yes… he’s back! Mr Birdmas has flown south this winter again to bring you all something fun to try!

Birdmas 2017 Poster

I’m inviting anyone at all to take part with me on this fun drawing, doodling, and painting challenge I’ve dubbed #Birdmas. It’s a challenge all about drawing or painting birds and is inspired by the Christmas carol ’12 days of Christmas’. The rules are simple and are as follows:

Draw/paint birds for 12 days in December. Minimum of 1 artwork for each day, but you can do more if you like. You can use ANY medium of your choice, and you can choose ANY bird(s) you like for each day, either real or made up. You don’t have to be detailed with your artwork! Each piece can be as basic or as detailed as you like, providing the subject is a bird. From doodles to final pieces, it doesn’t matter, just have fun with it!

Please tag your posts using #birdmas (in your description of each entry). It’s recommended that you use other additional tags, or even make a category, so that your work is more easily accessible to others, but this is optional.

It is advised that you don’t write the hashtag on your actual artwork… just in case you want to sell the work that you make!

You can draw/doodle/paint the birds in 3 ways. Either:

Number method Draw/paint a bird each day next to the number of the day you are on (e.g, if you’re on the 1st day, draw a bird next to the number 1…. 2nd day, draw a bird next to the number 2).

Quantity method Draw/paint as many birds relating to the day you are on 1 sheet of paper (e.g 1 bird on day 1… 2 birds on day 2…. 5 birds on day 5 etc).

Custom method If you find the above ways too challenging or you don’t understand them, you can just draw/paint 1 bird each day for 12 days in your own way.

Abstracts are allowed but they must hold at least some resemblance or connection to being a bird or having a bird form. Again, I really don’t mind if your pictures aren’t perfect, but unrelated abstracts or other artwork that feature no birds in them will not be accepted. Thank you for understanding.

You can only submit your own work for this challenge. Please do not submit anyone else’s work other than your own. If you did the work as a collaboration, please mention this in your description.

If you only want to share other people’s work just to share it, please be reasonable and ask them first, however it will not count as an entry. On another note, if you have posted work that you don’t want other people to share, you can click ‘disable reshares’ to stop others from sharing it that way.

Changes to these rules may happen at any time to improve the overall quality and fairness of this challenge.

As said previously, I have intentions to make a community for this challenge, hopefully I can give updates about that. If one is made, I’ll let you know, and you can post your entries there.

Please feel free to reshare this post around so people get a chance to see this and play along. If you don’t want to join or can’t join, that’s fine, you can just watch me do this challenge, but any challengers of any ability are highly welcome! I will be predominantly monitoring this on G+, however, please do let me know if you take part. It’ll be fun and interesting to see who joins!

That’s it! Feel free to leave comments or questions!

Remember, challenge officially starts on December 1st. Thanks kindly… Cheers all! Enjoy!

Poster was hand drawn by myself using pencils and ink. Copyright Lazfar 2017.

Inktober Saga Day 31

Hello everyone! Here is my final Inktober instalment. Today’s word for this one was “Mask”. I hope I ended on a high!

Day 31 Mask Tigress Unmasked

Tigress Unmasked: A tiger warrior who is crouching on some skulls whilst holding up her mask.

Hello all! To those that celebrate it, Happy Halloween! I’m hoping this is a nice ending piece… I know some of you will be looking at this and wondering, “Why hasn’t she coloured this in…?”

I have two reasons why I haven’t. The first being that colouring this in effectively and on top of all the established shading would take too long, and at this stage, time is gold that I need to picky with and spend wisely.

The second reason why this isn’t coloured is that, if I did colour this in and I wasn’t happy with it, there is no going back. At this stage, I can’t afford to be brave about decisions like that either… Ending on a low point would just put me in a bad mood.

This is another one that doesn’t have much of a message, I drew this from imagination and it was just fun to draw. The only things I could say are that I drew this with liners, the skulls in the drawing are a deliberate Halloween reference, and that the mask the woman is holding is a tiger mask (just in case any of you get confused).

Well, that’s it for this year’s prompt entries! I would like to thank the people who have followed me throughout this project and who have liked my work! Inktober is always fun, but can be exhausting, it was a fantastic journey for me… and I hope you all enjoyed what I came up with this year!

Now…Time for my Back 2 The Liner story. See below.

B2TL Day 31 Mask

B2TL Day 31.

To prevent early spoilers, please find the description of the episode below.


* ahem * sorry about that…

In this episode, we see what happens after the massive battle on the Liner ends, both for the good side and the evil side. We also see Dagger give the wolf pup a name!

For translation and clarity, the text reads: “A day later, the residents of the Liner begin to celebrate their victory. Everyone is in good spirits. However, Dagger Swift turns his thoughts to all the events that have occurred and what he has been through. Try as he might, he can never fully MASK his grief over losing Boundhund. However, he has his home back, his allies, and the beautiful wolf daughter that Boundhund left behind. Dagger decides to name her ‘Boundie’ after her father. With care and love, he will raise Boundie to be the best that she can be. Just like Boundhund before her. Meanwhile, Poison is back at his own headquarters. The witch teleported him, as well as the Blind Assassin, and other surviving henchmen back to base. Poison is very angry, but also badly injured. Since he is so wounded, he doesn’t plan on plotting revenge. … But then again, he might…”

That’s it! Endeth the ‘Tober! Bootcamp is over! The story is now at an end!

I would like to thank everyone once again, who has either followed along, given me great feedback, and who have admired the sheer amount of sleep depriving work that goes into this (and main entry art)… seriously, if it wasn’t for your support and encouragement, It would have been even harder to do. I actually considered cutting this story short a bit earlier on a couple of occasions… Such amazing feedback isn’t taken lightly… It’s thoroughly appreciated!

My best wishes to you all, have a superb (late) Halloween, and a great week. Cheers!

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Inktober Saga Day 30

Hello everyone! Here is my next Inktober instalment. Today’s word for this one was “Found”. Today was ok.

Day 30 Found The Ninja Thief's Find

The Ninja Thief’s Find: A ninja thief who has found a ruby on the ground.

Well… this is ok I suppose, but I had fun inking in the black lines. This is the only idea I got from today’s word… I only hope I did it justice because yesterday’s entry was a shambles.

There isn’t much to say about this because what you see is what you get with this. It’s just a nice and simple ballpoint drawing with a bit of added ‘black line’ touch.

Now…Time for my Back 2 The Liner story. See below.

B2TL Day 30 Found

B2TL Day 30.

To prevent early spoilers, please find the description of the episode below.

7 in the morning! Tired natch, But I don’t care… I’m on a small roll here, and it’s nearly over, so it’s worth it!

Anyway, In this episode, Dagger uses the glowing power of the wolf pup to attack Poison with a huge finishing blow. He hits Poison 3 times and he flies overboard. His henchmen, outnumbered and weak, cannot fight the now reformed Liner army, so they retreat. Poison’s plans are thwarted and The Liner is now back in the rightful hands of those that own it. The mission is complete thanks to Dagger and his friends!

For translation and clarity, the text reads: “Dagger FOUND strength within the glowing aura of the she wolf pup. The power flowed through into his sword, Klynrage. He would now use this power to devastating effect. (…Ready to count with me…?) 1! 2! 3! Poison was knocked overboard into the water below. All his plans had been thwarted by Dagger and his friends. Poison’s gang, unable to fight the now reformed Liner army, retreated from the ship. Poison is defeated and the mission is complete!”

Time for my rest! Or whatever I have…. It’s been a thorough journey. I’m so tired! But I hope my efforts were worthwhile!

Thanks ever so much to those who have given me feedback. I have had such amazing feedback, including those recommending me to publish this commercially or make a comic! Haha, your feedback means so much to me and to those who have stuck with this all the way through, you have my sheer admiration. Thank you!

There is only tomorrow left! This challenge has had it’s roller coaster moments… but it defo has been fun overall! Boot camp is great! I’m both sad and happy that it is coming to a close. In any event, see you next time for the final word, “Mask”!

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