Magpie Roughs

Hello once again everyone! I have nothing special to bring yet, I’m in the rough stages of a new side project – creating a “Sister bird out of blot” piece inspired by a piece I did in 2015.

Before I get on to explaining anything, I would like to dedicate the roughs sketches in this post to Keith Palmer and the rest of the victims from the recent London attack. I think what happened is appalling… and especially upsetting because I’m a Londoner myself. My kindest of thoughts to those affected.


You Came To See This Bird – A crow flying out of an ink blot.

My current blog project is to draw a dramatic magpie piece in the style of the artwork I created above. Even though I’m used to drawing birds (I can thank my Birdmas project for this), my mind just hasn’t been able to tune into this project… I just can’t grasp anything at the moment, which is frustrating to say the least, however I tried to remedy this by doing some warm up sketches below.

Image (43)

Magpie silhouette – I really like the dagger shaped tail of this species.


Hawk and eagle_LI

Bird Silhouettes – Drawn to compare with magpie. All of them were drawn in water soluble wax pastels. They blend rather nice when moved with water to create smooth gradient colours.

Firstly, I drew silhouettes of a magpie, and then silhouettes of other birds to help me gauge basic shapes and the differences in shape between species. I did them in a black, blue, green, yellow gradient to get me used to the colours I’ll be using to sketch the sheen of my magpie’s wings.

InkedImage magpie

Spot the difference –  two different species of magpie. Both have similarities and differences

I then drew two different species of magpie side, and shortly afterwards, a magpie’s wing (below). all of which is just as reference to help me make things more realistic when I do my final piece.

Image (42)

Now if only I can get the colour blending perfect…

Lastly, I did some very quick action sketches (below) to give me ideas about what pose I should draw. I drew these roughs either in graphite pencil, or water soluble wax pastels on paper.

Image (39)

Action in flight – bird poses for future reference.

I’m still not feeling entirely confident about this, but here’s hoping a spark of inspiration can go off…

That’s all for now. Thanks for stopping by. And although these are only roughs, I do hope you like them. Cheers!

Artwork in this post has mostly been drawn from reference by myself. Rough action sketches are Copyright Levi Richards 2017. All rights reserved.

Black and Gold Ultimate Battle

Black and gold ultimate battle

Hello everyone! This is the finished art preview poster design I made to enter into another contest. I used new digital software to create this from my previous sketch. I didn’t have much time to fully perfect it, so had to rush the shading and I feel rusty drawing digitally, but I tried my best anyway.

Sadly, I didn’t win the challenge with this… But that’s the way things go. I guess you can’t win them all. Anyway, I do hope you enjoy this piece.

Cheers. Have a great week.

Black & Gold


This is a rough design of an action poster I aim to complete digitally, in order to get me back into digital drawing. I also aim to enter the final digital design into another small contest if I have time.

The action scene features a heroine fighting a fire demon in a large underground volcanic cave. Unbeknownst to her, a titanic sized dragon is behind her and is preparing to attack her for entering it’s territory. I didn’t really have a name for this, so just came up with a generic name that sounds reasonably dramatic.

I had an idea for how this design would look, in particular, the flavour of the piece and the fighting poses of the combatants, however, I had to change the idea several times as I doubted myself each time… I naturally want as much impact and drama here as possible. To fulfill this after doubting myself took some work, but I hope you all like this sketch for now.

See all you with an updated version soon hopefully. Take care!



A drawing of a lizard spewing slime I did using a range of alcohol based markers and Posca pens. I must admit, (for want of a better phrase…) I felt a bit ‘blocky’ whilst doing this. This was done on the spot, although I was inspired by some graffiti I saw here featuring a dinosaur. I particularly loved the details in the scaly skin in the design, so decided to do something similar and add my own effects.

I don’t typically draw considered pieces using alcohol based markers, but for the sake of giving them a go and getting better with them, I thought I’d try them out. I often layer darker colours on top of lighter ones for depth… and that’s how I created the background effects and scales of the lizard… I then did finishing touches with a white Posca pen and yellow on top.

I do hope you like this piece. Thanks for stopping by!

Feel free to like, comment, and follow me! Cheers all! See you next time!

Wendigo Tribute

Hello all. Today I’m uploading a tribute painting in honour of a very special friend of mine.

I don’t normally post things relating to my personal life, but today in particular is a very sad day for me as it marks exactly one year ago since Wendigo, one of my cats, passed away. I love and miss him with all my heart and soul, so it only felt right to take time out to do this tribute painting for him.


Copying from a photograph, I used senelier watercolours on NOT pressed watercolour paper. I had to use a bit of creative license for this as the photograph itself is rather dark and awkward. He is black and white, but had to darken parts of the white fur for depth. I also added some spatter effects to try and boost his portrait a bit more. Finally to finish, I added some relevant text, which I did quickly using a brush pen and fineliner.

For translation purposes, the text on my artwork reads:

“Wendigo. No matter what, you will always be my prince! We miss you! 5th June 2007 – 27th February 2016″

Wendigo meant a lot to us here. He had tons of character, and was also very regal. Because of this, I nicknamed him “the prince”. Although no one here will quite understand, I hope that at least you enjoy my artwork for today.

For those who’ve ever lost a pet or animal family member, my thoughts are also with you. Thank you.

Best wishes to everyone and I’ll see you next time.

Detailed and Doodled

Good evening! Tonight, I have two drawings to show you. You lucky things! See below.


WROAH! I bet you didn’t expect this!!

The above drawing I completed is of Blanka, a character from the fighting game series, Street fighter. I actually copied this freehand using Faber Castell polychromos colour pencils on Bristol Board paper.

It took some time, and I cannot do much with this as it isn’t original, but it was nice to take a break just to draw this. It saddens me slightly, if only it wasn’t just fan art. I drew this from an already made image that someone else drew.


Here is the image I drew my version from. *DISCLAIMER* I did NOT create this version, and sadly, I don’t know who did.

*SECOND DISCLAIMER : The Street Fighter series and it’s characters were produced by Capcom. The characters themselves are not mine and I do not intend any copyright infringement. I only did the pencil drawing in this post. Copyrights belong to their respective owners.*

Now I’ve got that out of the way, I can move onward. Because I’ve been busy in general, and I spent a lot of time on the fan art, I decided draw something that’s a bit on the “quirky and quick” side.

Ocean Monster Doodle

A nice simple contrast and a more original doodle using only sepia coloured ink pens.

This was done using Faber Castell PITT artist pens on NOT pressed watercolour paper to be specific. It’s just a silly doodle of a sea monster creature drawn from my imagination. I do hope you like it!

Hope you enjoy this weeks post. Bye for now and enjoy!

Ragfire (Competition Win)

Hello all! Going to keep this short and sweet… But basically, I entered a small competition on a community page in G+. The subject of the competition was to draw a magic using battle character/comic book character/superhero that either, pre exists, or is designed by yourself.

I designed my own character named Ragfire, a fire warrior that was drawn by myself using ball point pens. He is from my imagination, but inspired by old school mages and similar designs. I wasn’t very happy with my entry… But nonetheless, submitted it in and it was picked as top 5 to go through to vote!


Yep! This is Ragfire. In all his arcane glory. I took a complete plunge with this one!


🎆 Long story short, I won!! By a 38% majority!! I never thought I’d win with this, but I did!! Whoo! Time to celebrate! 🎆

I only entered in to give it a go… But I came out in top! The moral of the story here is: never be afraid even just to try something! You never know what it could lead to!

Until next time, enjoy! 😁