Absolute Dizzy Busy. My Current Events.

Hello everyone. I’m sorry for the long delay of updates! You see, as of late, I have been sidetracked with quite a few turns of events. I’m here, there, & everywhere at the moment! Things are cropping up all over the place & I’m having to deal with them in one way or another.

As a result, (or as you may have guessed), I have not been working much on the Toy Lazfar project (because I haven’t had time to!). Though there is some progress with the concept designs for the levels. I promise I’ll post them when they’re done. I may have to suspend posting things here for a while, but PLEASE don’t unfollow me!!! I WILL come back! I promise!!! 🙂

Goodbye for now! 😀 I shall leave you to check out my new design for Lazfar’s boat the “Ize Queen”. See you!

The rebel becomes an outcast!

Hello everyone! A question for my earliest audience, Do you remember this?

For the rest of you, it’s my “Rebel with a cause” illustration featuring Lazfar. I promised all of you that I would make a digital version of this fine art example. & AT LONG LAST, I created this:

So I decided to change the text from, “Rebel with a cause”, to “Outcast with a cause” in this digital example. The reason being is because I have seen so many examples of the slogan “Rebel with a cause” on other illustration designs. I want a slogan that reflects my underground persona, but I don’t want to be a complete rag & copy other phrases.

So fair enough, the word “outcast” isn’t a unique word, but the phrase “outcast with a cause”, is original, so I have preserved everything by using a more original phrase – from now on, I am an outcast, not a rebel.

Underground turn-coating at it’s best! Please feel free to comment on this! 🙂

I’m Back!

Hello everyone! I’m home! 😀 I should be posting things here now! I have a little side project that I’m working on now to sharpen my skills, but, I wont tell you what it’s about… yet! Why? Because it’s a surprise!! Anything that I make out of it, I will post here on my blog though.

At the moment, my printer is broken So I am quite despondent… (sob!) 😥  But I’ll survive… Somehow.

Here is an image that I did to celebrate my birthday which was in July of this year. It depicts Lazfar, the she wolf, sitting on three blue lions. The lions are symbolic of my pride as an English woman. Hope you enjoy! Bye for now!

Lazfar: My alter ago & tag.

Many of you, (well, those of you who are actually looking…), are probably asking yourselves, “Who the hell is Lazfar!?” Well, I’ll tell you,

Lazfar is my main character & I use her as an alter ego. I also use the name ‘Lazfar’ as my nickname & artist tag. The actual character herself is a she wolf with long red hair, red eyes, & silvery blue fur. Most of the time, as her trademark dress code; she wears a top hat & trench coat.

I use Lazfar from time to time in my work in order to create a stronger impact & to further integrate my stamp into it. Though she looks nothing like me, (luckily), she represents my confident & sarcastic side, & holds the same passion to rebel in order to succeed. This is why a couple of designs I create, include her alongside the phrase “rebel with a cause”.

Here are some examples of my work including Lazfar. Enjoy!! 🙂