Day 29: Wounded Soldier

 My interpretation for the 29th word of Inktober 2019, ‘Injured’. An injured warior clutching his side in agony.

Sorry if this is too graphic, but given the subject word, there isn’t much I can do to make it not look like this.

Day 29 Injured Wounded Soldier

Wounded Soldier: I can relate a lot to how this person feels…

I just wanted to do a line drawing. It’s another landscape, and the concept is a soldier who’s been injured by arrows in combat. There are other dead soldiers too, just to decrease the emptiness of the piece.

The red blood is the only colour contrast here, and that’s deliberate to highlight the concept and prompt word the best.

This entry was also completed using a black fineliner and a red Faber Castell PITT pen on A5 paper. I hope you enjoy as always.

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That’s all for now, feel free to look around for Inktober Day 30 “Catch”. Stay inspired and stay tuned everyone!

Artwork is Copyright 2019 Lazfar. All rights reserved.

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