Day 28: Puffin Day!

My interpretation for the 28th word of Inktober 2019, ‘Ride’. A puffin riding a bicycle.

Firstly, I dedicate this to an artist friend of mine who I’ve nicknamed “Criminal Knight”. I want to thank her because she’s been a lovely support to me during rough times… so, Crim, if you’re reading this, thank you!

Day 28 Ride Puffin Day!

28th October is now my Puffin Day!

She and I had a deal that we’d pick a day each on Inktober, and that day would be the day we would draw a puffin. I picked a day randomly, and it was Day 28 – hence the name of this piece, and the subject!

The puffin thing was originally a joke about the Icelandic cuisine where they roast puffins (and even cook them in cookie dough!) Now, it’s become something of a personal icon to me, and I hold it in my gosh awful black heart. 😊

This was fun to draw, and was also done before entry 26. A bittersweet combo of full on frustration and happiness.

This entry was also completed using black ink and Faber Castell PITT pens on A5 paper. Cheers for stopping by! I’m so very happy if people bother to look and read!

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That’s all for now, feel free to look around for Inktober Day 29 “Injured”. Stay inspired and stay tuned everyone!

Artwork is Copyright 2019 Lazfar. All rights reserved.


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