Day 27: Coat of Arms Pencil Before Brush

My interpretation for the 27th word of Inktober 2019, ‘Coat’. A custom design coat of arms.

Well, again… Inktober is over, but here is the “Coat” entry. All I’ll say is that I twisted the prompt word up and designed my very own coat of arms.

I’m proud that I’m from England in that these sorts of designs hail from our history and the history of Europe mostly. I think they were first created way back in the 1300’s and used as proud symbols by individual families – mostly by royals or the aristocracy, but on the odd occasion, also by the poor too. They’re kind of like our version of the totem pole in a weird sort of way, haha.

Day 27 Coat Coat Of Arms Pencil Before Brush

Coat Of Arms Pencil Before Brush: My own custom design.

Loosely describing it, these designs would comprise of elements that make up the coat of arms. A shield was often used in the centre alongside two “supporters” that hold up the shield (the supporters were animals most of the time). In the centre of the shield, there would be a design with symbols that had meaning, and there would be a crest on top, usually a crown or knights helmet. The format of a coat of arms differed somewhat between countries – the format I describe was commonly used in Britain.

I struggled with the floral parts of the crest quite a bit, but overall, this was moderately easy and fun to do.

This entry was completed using black ink and Faber Castell PITT pens on A5 paper. Hope you enjoy as always… sorry it’s so late…

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That’s all for now, feel free to look around for Inktober Day 28 “Ride”. Stay inspired and stay tuned everyone!

Artwork is Copyright 2019 Lazfar. All rights reserved.

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