2019 Pig Warrior “Bring Home The Bacon”

Happy New Year everyone! I know it’s slightly late to say that, but I’ve only just gotten the full opportunity to post this, so I hope it counts.

It’s been a slight tradition of mine to create a piece of art at the start of the year that represents the animal of the year coloured according to the colour of the year chosen by Pantone. 2019 is the year of the pig in the Chinese zodiac, and the colour of this year as chosen by Pantone is “living coral” which is a beautiful red/orange hue, but it can look a bit pinkish as well. When doing “start of the year” subjects, I usually draw it as a warrior. Mainly to perk myself up for the year ahead.

2019 year of the pig (coral pantone)

Year of the Pig Warrior: Celebrating 2019 my way.

This warrior is a pig with a bow and arrow I did with various inks. I wanted to do something different and do some black block comic shading for depth and as a contrast against the strong saturation and hue of the coral colour. I hope you enjoy it… I also wish everyone a prosperous 2019!

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