#Birdmas 2018 Day 9: 9 Fowl Strutting

On the ninth day of Birdmas ideas gave to me…

9 Fowl Strutting
8 Gulls a Leering
7 Owls Peering
6 Storks a Stalking,
4 Hummingbirds,
3 Redshanks,
2 Frigate Birds,
…and A Fast Running Cassowary!

Hello all. Goodness…. I’ve had so many important priorities to consider and organise, that I’ve just not had the time to follow through with my own challenge. I’ll add that being split between so many platforms discourages me to death too, but enough about that now… lets talk about this entry itself.

Day 9 9 Fowl Strutting

*Cluck* Whadda’ya lookin’ at?

My bird for day 9 was “fowl”, which is quite a broad term meaning the same as livestock birds, so I looked for a chicken… a specific chicken that drew my interest. That’s when I came across this black species of chicken (I forget what it’s called, but search online for “black chicken” and you’ll see it actually exists!) The species itself looks almost reminiscent of an antique bronze statue.

As you can see, I used perspective techniques… foreshortening is the main gimmick of this one. Also, the actual real chicken species has black eyes, but I coloured the eye red here for contrast, otherwise everything would be black! As always, I hope you enjoy this.

Wondering what on earth this “#Birdmas” challenge is? It’s a challenge about drawing birds. Check out the club link for more info:


Stay tuned for my next entry of this project. Cheers all!

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