#Birdmas 2018 Day 12: 12 Terns a Turning

On the twelfth day of Birdmas ideas gave to me…

12 Terns a Turning
11 Swifts a Gliding
10 Terrors Tearing
9 Fowl Strutting
8 Gulls a Leering
7 Owls Peering
6 Storks a Stalking,
4 Hummingbirds,
3 Redshanks,
2 Frigate Birds,
…and A Fast Running Cassowary!

Phew! I’ve finally completed my catch up sprint to the finish! Day 12 was a “Tern” which is a sea bird. Within that, I chose to base this entry on a “Royal Tern” species which has a kind of funny tuft of feathers on it’s head that appealed to me. I also wanted to end on a high, so this had to be a dramatic piece with detail all round.

Day 12 12 Terns a Turning

Going on a “Turnabout” for the last day of Birdmas.

In an ironic twist, even though this is a day late, this is my personal favourite entry of my 12 days because it came out the most accurate of how I intended it to be. I only hope you all agree.

Well… That’s it! All of my entries are done! I would like to give my heartfelt thanks to those who joined me in this challenge, and for those who followed my entries (be they late or on time!) I highly appreciate those who took the time to come and look.

Birdmas officially ended on the 12th of December but anyone is still very welcome to try it/finish it if they wish. Cheers!

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