#Birdmas 2018 Day 10: 10 Terrors Tearing

On the tenth day of Birdmas ideas gave to me…

10 Terrors Tearing
9 Fowl Strutting
8 Gulls a Leering
7 Owls Peering
6 Storks a Stalking,
4 Hummingbirds,
3 Redshanks,
2 Frigate Birds,
…and A Fast Running Cassowary!

Day 10 for me was a “Terror Bird” which is an extinct species of bird related to that of dinosaurs… you could call this another dino bird hybrid if you will. In this one, I focused on the textures of it’s feathers, and focused less on the background just to keep things simple. The bird is running whilst it has a bit of torn meat in it’s jaws.

Day 10 10 Terrors Tearing

ARrrghh! I must get back home in time to watch my favourite telly programme!

If you’ve been following my entries, you may have noticed I’ve stopped doing number entries and have just made custom entries for speed. I’m not going to talk much either… I have 2 more entries to go straight after this one then I’m done! None of my entries are perfect, but I don’t intend for them to be since I’m so behind. I just hope you all enjoy them!

Wondering what on earth this “#Birdmas” challenge is? It’s a challenge about drawing birds. Check out the club link for more info:


Stay tuned for my next entry of this project. Cheers all!

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