#Birdmas 2018 Day 6: 6 Storks a Stalking

On the sixth day of Birdmas ideas gave to me…

6 Storks a Stalking,
4 Hummingbirds,
3 Redshanks,
2 Frigate Birds,
…and A Fast Running Cassowary!

Firstly, my sincere apologies to those attempting this challenge in my Triwing Club, some of you have left lovely messages both on my work and on the work of others, and I haven’t been able to get to them.

I haven’t been too active on here lately in general too… it’s been rather a stressful week with a lot going on and I’ve hardly had time at all. I decided to just carry on with my pieces first and get to everyone later. I hope that’s ok.

Day 6 6 Storks a stalking

Not the prettiest oil painting in the gallery… but then again, this isn’t an oil painting.

Now onto this, this may look like a vulture, but it is in fact stylised and inspired by a species known as a Marabou Stork. A stork was today’s bird for me, but I chose this particular one because of how ugly it looks… It’s beautiful in it’s ugliness, and storks usually have angelic, beautiful connotations linked to them, so this makes a wonderful contrast. Hopefully I captured this.

The background was the hardest part because I had no inspiration for how I’d do it, so I just fluffed it up like this. Hope you all enjoy this entry as always, and I thank you all for stopping by.

Wondering what on earth this “#Birdmas” challenge is? It’s a challenge about drawing birds. Check out the club link for more info:


Stay tuned for my next entry of this project. Cheers all!

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