Inktober Day 30: Ultra Bolt

My interpretation for the 30th word of my Tritober prompt list for Inktober 2018, ‘Lightning’. A simple lightning bolt design.

I’m not going to cover up my thoughts, this is possibly my worst entry, but at this stage, with having to catch up and also feeling so tired out, I’m not fussed.

Day 30 Lightning Ultra Bolt

Ultra Bolt: It is what it is!

To begin with, I was excited with this word… I had so many ideas to hand, but I didn’t want to do any of them because they take time I don’t have. Also, I have a really good idea for the last word “Crystal” and I want to conserve my energies into making my final entry of this 2018’s Inktober as good as possible. For now, this will have to do.

The entry was done using Derwent line painter pens, both used to hatch in and draw with, and as wet ink made into washes. Enjoy!

✨🦅 TRIWING ART CHALLENGE CLUB IS MOVING FROM G+ TO MEWE. Triwing is an art group I created that is purely about art challenges. You can either challenge yourself or take part in a main challenge. For those who are interested, please follow Triwing Art Challenge Club using the link Below: 🦅✨

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Inktober 2018 is nearly over! Please stick around for my final entry for Tritober Day 31 “Crystal”. Stay inspired and stay tuned everyone!

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