Inktober Day 29: Crow Blade

My interpretation for the 29th word of my Tritober prompt list for Inktober 2018, ‘Flutter’. A crow holding a cutlass whilst ‘fluttering’ in the air.

I’m on the catch up again. Now I’m really thankful that Inktober is coming to an end… I’m completely clutching at straws with any idea I come across now, so it’s nice at least to finally have this challenge finish.

Day 29 Flutter Crow Blade

Crow Blade: Sharp as a wing.

For this entry, I actually copied part of a previous design I did some time ago that featured a flying parrot in the same pose. I altered the pose and had it as a crow holding a cutlass sword to incorporate some imagination. I’m really struggling at getting any ideas, (or time to fulfil them for that matter) that I’ve resorted to whatever comes to mind first and foremost. That’s all there is to it.

This was done using FB PITT pens and a Derwent line painter pen for the blue. I hope you like it.

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That’s all for now, feel free to look around for Tritober Day 30 “Lightning”. Stay inspired and stay tuned everyone!

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