Inktober Day 28: Halloneon

My interpretation for the 28th word of my Tritober prompt list for Inktober 2018, ‘Neon’. A neon coloured zombie! (I bet you can tell I’m running out of ideas now can’t you…?)

Hello all… sorry for yet another late post… On top of everything else, I’m now getting the touch of an Autumnal flu-ish bug… Wonderful! But I’m plodding on and am sure it’ll pass.

Day 28 Neon Halloneon

Halloneon: Happy Halloneon! Muahaha.

Anyway, on to the more relevant agenda now – this entry. I had no idea how I’d even fulfil this word… until I realised that I could use my “if all fails, turn to Halloween” cheating method. So I decided to draw a zombie since they’re pretty popular Halloween related characters, but also, their skin colour can be strange looking and that sparked an idea. Of course, I could have gone with the very obvious Jack O Lantern glowing pumpkin, but I decided it’s best to play with my initial concept.

I called this entry “Halloneon”, a mixture of “Halloween” and the prompt word “Neon”. Overall, I had fun doing this, but I had to stop several times and come back to it… as a result, I became too fatigued to upload it until today.

This was done using many different inks, but predominantly acrylic ink as a base. I hope you like it. Have a nice fright! Muahahaha. 🎃

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That’s all for now, feel free to look around for Tritober Day 29 “Flutter”. Stay inspired and stay tuned everyone!

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