Inktober Day 27: Remember Me?

My interpretation for the 27th word of my Tritober prompt list for Inktober 2018, ‘Blaster’. The hunting woman from my very 1st entry holding a ‘blaster’ (gun).

Hello all! Firstly, I loved doing this entry. There are a couple of unintended errors I had to correct which was annoying… and I also slightly regret using hints of colour in this piece, but overall, I really had fun with this one.

Day 27 Blaster Remember Me

Remember Me?: You’re bound to sooner or later…

As soon as I saw the word “Blaster” I thought, what better than to bring back the same woman from “Day 1 Hunting” as she held a gun in that entry…? Enough said, there was nothing more to it. As soon as I got the time to do so, I got straight to work.

The text is rather ironic and plays on whether or not anyone remembers who she is since not everyone has seen my very 1st entry, and those who have are likely to forget it at this stage. Not everyone will know this character because of that…. (Sorry for the strange gap in text arrangement by the way, I tried to leave room for my logo, but it didn’t quite work… I ended up adding my logo in a corner instead).

But they will remember her now! After all, who doesn’t remember having a gun pointed at their face? 😂

For translation and clarity the text says “Oh, what’s that? You don’t REMEMBER ME? Well… You will Now!”

This was done using black, sepia, and sanguine coloured liners and brush pens. Again, in hindsight, I’m not sure it was wise to include colour, but I accept the way things are anyway. Hope you enjoy, all! Thanks for stopping by!

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That’s all for now, feel free to look around for Tritober Day 28 “Neon”. Stay inspired and stay tuned everyone!


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