Inktober Day 23: Moon Dancer

My interpretation for the 23rd word of my Tritober prompt list for Inktober 2018, ‘Ray’. A wolf gracefully dancing in front of the moon and it’s rays

Sorry this is a day late… I was pleasantly surprised at how nicely this turned out. Obviously it isn’t perfect (but I don’t expect it to be)… there are flaws here and there, but the effects turned out quite well seeing as I ironically used dark colours to make the rays of the moon stand out even brighter.

Day 23 Ray Moon Dancer

Moon Dancer: Let’s Boogie!

This concept is pretty simple. A wolf dances in front of the moon… the “rays” relate to the word ray which was the prompt that this is supposed to match. Right… now time to try and catch up to today’s word… see you soon!

I did this using Faber Castell PITT pens (black, and Cold Grey IV) and white ink for highlights.

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That’s all for now, feel free to look around for Tritober Day 24 “Cunning”. Stay inspired and stay tuned everyone!

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