Tiny Treasures Second Batches

Hello again! Here’s my second batch of ACEO designs, I had inspiration to do a howling wolf in my “colour before black” method, and the other two are based on a she-wolf character called “Boundie” from my Inktober comic, Back 2 The Liner. They were done using inks and watercolour pencils.

Wolf Batch 2

Top: Wolf In The Moon
Bottom Left: Young Boundie
Bottom Right: Adult Boundie

I’ve just been dawdling, experimenting, and having fun with it… when I have time of course! I might make more serious designs, but to do that, I must become one with the size I’m working with.

I’ll admit, I don’t typically work on terribly large paper… but I’m not accustomed to working to the size of an average playing card either. Perspective and foreshortening might have to be implemented more in future in order for me to create designs to my satisfaction… I don’t want my collection to look too static.

MISC Batch 2

Top Left: Purple Rabbit With 3 Eyes (this one is based on another joke)
Top Right: 3 Eyed Monster Rabbit (so is this one! Same joke.)
Bottom Left: Boom Shower
Bottom Right: Hoard ‘O’ Skulls

I completed this misc batch, again using various media. The “Boom” design using mainly watercolour pencils, skulls in graphite pencil and the rabbits using inks and mica watercolours.

All of these are Trading Card/ACEO size 2.5 x 3.5 inches. I now have a tally of 12.

Anyone of any ability is welcome in my challenge. You can make artwork in all sorts of sizes like this… or tile format, small greetings card format… any small format or object less than A5 in size. Join us and have fun with it! Here are the rules if you’re interested:


As always, thanks for stopping by! Enjoy! 🙂

I’m always very grateful for likes and comments… and especially more so for anyone who follows me! Cheers!

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