From Tame To Wild

This is a combined piece made up of the two entries, “Tame” and “Wild” I made for my own #Duality Art Challenge held in my G+ community.

From Tame To Wild

From Tame To Wild: A combination of my chosen dualities.

At last these are finished. My apologies for the lacklustre photo, these pieces separately measure 320mm x 240mm which is bigger than my scanner. Consequently, I had to wait a day for better lighting (This was actually finished on Monday night) and had to rely on my mediocre photography skills.

The combined piece measures 320mm x 480mm. Not including small corrections, this was all done entirely using ink fineliners ranging from 0.3 to 0.5 in size.



My first duality, Tame. This is the first half of the main piece.

“Tame” idea: To have a wolf drawn cart moving along a rocky mountainous terrain to symbolise the “hard work” and ethics involved with being tame. Taming whip would be the main focus, whipping the main wolf to be tame whilst it merges into “Wild”. There’s a frame made of chains, and also, a subtle cliche of a chair in the lower part of this.

Text reads “Damn Right I’m Tame”. Drawn in serif style, but with complimentary colours to the text drawn in “Wild”.



My second duality, Wild. This is the oher half.

“Wild” idea: For the main wolf to look ferocious. Broken chains, a lightning strike, and a fierce colour palette are supposed to dominate the piece. I’ve also doodled a howling wolf, some monsters and other little drawings as the overall style was supposed to be almost “doodle book”.

Text reads “But I’m Also Wild”. Drawn in rebellious graffiti, but with complimentary colours to the text drawn in “Tame”.

Am I happy with the result? Yes and no. For the positive part, I’ll say that I’m happy with some of the dynamism and the way I’ve hatched in background colour. The main wolf in the combined piece also stands out as the main focus which is what I had intended.

What I’m unhappy about is my idea for the “Tame” part. I’ll admit, I had almost no idea about how I’d show this initially, but slowly enough, an idea came to me to include the wolf drawn cart, and (like in my rough) the taming whip. I drew a landscape for the cart to move on, but as I began to finalise this idea, a second one came to mind to make the wolf drawn cart the main subject all on it’s own with the whipped main wolf and text. I couldn’t change my mind at this point… I was committed to a lesser idea because of time constraints. I have huge regrets as a result.

Overall, it is what it is, and I think I’ll eventually learn to accept this for how this turned out. Lesson learned though – don’t draw large pieces with tiny fineliners.

In any event I hope you enjoy this as always.

You’re more than welcome to like, comment, and follow me! I really appreciate it all. Cheers for now everyone!

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