Inktober Saga Day 26

Hello everyone! Here is my next Inktober instalment. Today’s word for this one was “Squeak”. I think I did surprisingly well with this one.

Day 26 Squeak Squeak The Metal Dragon

Squeak The Metal Dragon: A squeaky dragon made of metal who needs a bit of oiling perhaps(?).

I’ll start by saying, if this wasn’t Inktober, I would have done so much more with this, but then, this is a challenge for only sketching what needs to be there. The idea is here enough, so I need to stop. Especially knowing that I have more work to do.

Now I know you’re wondering… Why a dragon for the word ‘squeak’? Well, in my usual fashion, I like to come up with something a bit different from the norm.

In addition, words that have more ‘sound’ meaning than visual are always a bit more challenging to draw, but there are the obvious ideas. A mouse, a door squeaking… those are just a couple of examples for this one, but I just used my imagination to think of something different. In this case, it’s a metal clad dragon that makes a metal squeaking noise when it moves!

This was drawn using my Uni Ball Air pen, and a few Faber Castell PITT brush pens.

Now…Time for my Back 2 The Liner story. See below.

B2TL Day 26 Squeak

B2TL Day 26.


To prevent early spoilers, please find the description of the episode below.

20 to 7 in the morning!! THIS TOOK SOME EFFORT and I struggled a bit… I only hope it was worth it because I’m absolutely shattered. I’m not going to lie.

In this episode, Dagger fights poison and deftly dodges his bullets using his sword. The two captives from last episode run in along with other hostages that they have freed and they run in to attack the henchmen.

For translation and clarity, the text reads: “With a SQUEAK and a slam of a door, reinforcements arrive in the form of freed hostages that are now armed. The two people that Dagger saved did not run away, instead, they rescued others who now pour into the fight enough to challenge the henchmen. Poison notices that Dagger is not with Boundhund and assumes correctly how the blind assassin failed his mission. He grabs his gun and rapidly fires at Dagger. … But skillfully and with flawless style, Dagger stops the bullets with his blade.”

I’m off for now, but I do hope I’ve done this episode justice. And as usual, I hope you enjoy my entries. See you next time for the next word “Climb”!

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