Inktober Saga Day 25

Hello everyone! Here is my next Inktober instalment. Today’s word for this one was “Ship”. I did ok-ish, but this took more time than first thought.

Day 25 Ship My Ship Be Inked

My Ship Be Inked: A pirate on a ship looking out.

I’m once again very angry with myself (as usual…). This was supposed to be finished hours ago… but my brain just didn’t want to work today, so I worked really slowly.

Additionally, the text that the pirate is speaking was supposed to read “OOH ARGH, I SEE NO SHIPS!”, but I second guessed myself, as the phrase “I see no ships” was said by someone famous in history – Horatio Nelson… I ended up thinking that that phrase may be copyrighted, so had to make an irritating and last minute correction, which took even more time.

There’s not much to say about this because it’s just a simple doodle really, but I did this using black and sanguine coloured fine liners.

Or perhaps there is something to add – I could have easily drawn the Liner from my Back 2 The Liner story for this entry… that would have been fun, but would have taken a lot more time.

For translation and clarity, the text in the artwork says: “OOH ARGH! MY SHIP BE INKED!”.

Speak of the devil…Time for my Back 2 The Liner story. See below.

B2TL Day 25 Ship

This didn’t scan in very well at all, and for that, I do apologise… however, I still hope you will give this a chance.

In this episode, Dagger gains access to the Liner and manages to free 2 hostages… but as he turns around he sees his brutal arch nemesis, Poison, alongside a big group of his henchmen. Dagger is surrounded… What will happen next?

For translation and clarity, the text reads: “Dagger, now inside the SHIP, rushes to try and find his kidnapped friends, and of course, confront Poison. He manages to find two people bound up against a pillar. Quickly, he frees them and they hurry to escape. But then… Dagger turns around and as he does, he sees his biggest threat. Up against a leader the size of a bear, and his henchmen, Dagger prepares himself. It is time for the final showdown.”

It’s not often I upload something at 6am, but then today hasn’t been the best day for me it seems… * sigh *…

I’m off for now, but I do hope I’ve done this episode justice. And as usual, I hope you enjoy my entries. See you next time for the next word “Squeak”!

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