Inktober Saga Day 24

Hello everyone! Here is my next Inktober instalment. Today’s word for this one was “Blind”. I think I did alright with this one again.

Day 24 Blind Just Because I'm Blind

Just Because I’m Blind: A blind and blindfolded chimpanzee holding a blind stick with a side quote.

I must say, I really need a slap across my face for finishing this so late… It was 10:30pm when I first uploaded this! Believe it or not, I wanted to do something more simple, but as time grew on, the idea for this evolved from just a casual ballpoint pen drawing into something a bit bigger with added concept.

Drawn using a Uni Ball Jetstream Ballpoint/Biro pen, I shaded this with subtle contrast.The concept behind this is installed mainly in the quote. The chimp is blind, but he can still “see” in different ways.

When someone is impaired in one way or another, they usually have amazing strengths elsewhere. Subjectively, a blind person could have much higher senses in other areas… so they do see, just not with their eyes.

For translation and clarity, the text in the artwork says: “Just because I’m BLIND… Doesn’t mean I can’t SEE!”.

Now…Time for my Back 2 The Liner story. See below.

B2TL Day 24 Blind

B2TL Day 24.

To prevent early spoilers, please find the description of the episode below.

So very once again for the tight text, please excuse that or you can read the clearer text below if it helps. This was quite a hard episode to construct, so had to do the text very small.

Anyway, in this episode, the worst happens. The stalker that was following them was the Blind Assassin and he strikes hoping to kill Dagger on the spot. This is what Poison had planned and wanted to happen before taking over the parliament building. Unfortunately, whilst he doesn’t get Dagger, Boundhund sacrifices himself to take the hit and pushes Dagger out of harms way to save him. Boundhund is now dead and Dagger is distraught. He vows to avenge his wolf partner and take back what’s theirs.

For translation and clarity, the text reads: “They see it! The Liner! Their home! But fortune turns to tragedy. Poison’s filthy plan is about to be put into action. After following Dagger and Boundhund for so long, the BLIND assassin finally makes his move. KKRSSSHH! Dagger fell to the ground but was unhurt. However, as he looks up, he sees that Boundhund is on the floor… and not moving. He shook him, called his name, he tried everything to bring his most loyal companion around, But Boundhund wouldn’t respond. Boundhund died. killed by an attack meant for Dagger, Boundhund pushed him out of the way in order to take the hit. The little pup would never get to see her father. Ironically, she is now orphaned, just like Boundhund when he was young. Inconsolable, Dagger must now carry on the mission alone. He vows with all his being to avenge his best friend, but now, things will be harder.”

I really really regret killing off Boundhund. I know it’s the most criminal thing for the writer to kill off the ‘dog in the movie’ but the truth is, I knew from around the midpoint of this story that he would die at some point. This mission is tough after all… No one is invincible.

I’m off for now, but I do hope I’ve done this episode justice. And as usual, I hope you enjoy my entries. See you next time for the next word “Ship”!

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