Inktober Saga Day 18

Hello as always! Here is my next Inktober instalment. Today’s word for this one was “Filthy”. I had a very bad day with this entry…

Day 18 Filthy The Tramp's Welcome

The Tramp’s Welcome: This turned out to be a failure…

I’m a bit ashamed to be uploading this if I’m honest… it went horribly wrong for how I viewed this concept in my mind. There was huge potential for today’s word, but unfortunately, my stamina let me down. I stupidly decided not to have a power nap as I usually do, so I feel a hell of a lot more tired than usual… and it shows in this piece.

I drew this with liners mainly (but I decided to draw with that particular medium at the very last minute). I really regret using liners… I don’t think they were appropriate here.

Why am I ashamed? Well…I particularly wanted to focus on a weakness I’ve noticed in that I can’t draw shoes very well. My main focus was to draw his shoes accurately, but then I messed up on drawing the steps! It’s completely my fault for making such a school girl error, but the steps are uneven and inconsistent… very shameful for me.

The concept of this is that this tramp is down on his luck. He’s beckoning the viewer to come and sit on the grubby stool in this image. I wanted to show how filthy he is, but also, that he has innocent intentions. After all, any one of us can end up in this situation at any point… people who are in this situation are human after all, even if they’re quite unkempt.

Now for my own lesson: The moral of this story is that I need to take my naps when I need them, lest I make stupid mistakes.

Though I would like to thank those who stop by, and especially to those who read my reviews of my own work, even if they can be lengthy… I really do appreciate it.

Now…Time for my Back 2 The Liner story. See below.

B2TL Day 18 Filthy

B2TL Day 18.

To prevent early spoilers, please find the description of the episode below.

In this episode, Poison has his planned meeting with members of his gang. They gather around and learn that they are to try and take over Doublet’s Parliament Building once they reach the harbour. A grand ambition indeed because if they succeed, They pretty much can’t be touched. The question is… can they do it?

For translation and clarity, the text reads: “After calming down and returning to his quarters, the meeting begins. Poison calls his gang forward to discuss what will happen after they reach the harbour. He has a master plan to take over Doublet’s Parliament Building. Capturing such a powerful Building would give him more power, leaving others with no choice but to surrender to him. First… THE LINER! Now… PARLIAMENT! and then, THE WORLD!! …But what about Dagger and Boundhund? Well, Poison has a very special and FILTHY plan made especially for them…”

Today has just been a very bad day for me… So much so, that I almost didn’t have enough energy to carry B2TL on. I nearly gave up, but I managed to do it! I just need to rest now. The sooner today is forgotten about the better.

As usual, I hope you enjoy my entries. See you next time for the next word “Cloud”!

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