Magpie Roughs

Hello once again everyone! I have nothing special to bring yet, I’m in the rough stages of a new side project – creating a “Sister bird out of blot” piece inspired by a piece I did in 2015.

Before I get on to explaining anything, I would like to dedicate the roughs sketches in this post to Keith Palmer and the rest of the victims from the recent London attack. I think what happened is appalling… and especially upsetting because I’m a Londoner myself. My kindest of thoughts to those affected.


You Came To See This Bird – A crow flying out of an ink blot.

My current blog project is to draw a dramatic magpie piece in the style of the artwork I created above. Even though I’m used to drawing birds (I can thank my Birdmas project for this), my mind just hasn’t been able to tune into this project… I just can’t grasp anything at the moment, which is frustrating to say the least, however I tried to remedy this by doing some warm up sketches below.

Image (43)

Magpie silhouette – I really like the dagger shaped tail of this species.


Hawk and eagle_LI

Bird Silhouettes – Drawn to compare with magpie. All of them were drawn in water soluble wax pastels. They blend rather nice when moved with water to create smooth gradient colours.

Firstly, I drew silhouettes of a magpie, and then silhouettes of other birds to help me gauge basic shapes and the differences in shape between species. I did them in a black, blue, green, yellow gradient to get me used to the colours I’ll be using to sketch the sheen of my magpie’s wings.

InkedImage magpie

Spot the difference –  two different species of magpie. Both have similarities and differences

I then drew two different species of magpie side, and shortly afterwards, a magpie’s wing (below). all of which is just as reference to help me make things more realistic when I do my final piece.

Image (42)

Now if only I can get the colour blending perfect…

Lastly, I did some very quick action sketches (below) to give me ideas about what pose I should draw. I drew these roughs either in graphite pencil, or water soluble wax pastels on paper.

Image (39)

Action in flight – bird poses for future reference.

I’m still not feeling entirely confident about this, but here’s hoping a spark of inspiration can go off…

That’s all for now. Thanks for stopping by. And although these are only roughs, I do hope you like them. Cheers!

Artwork in this post has mostly been drawn from reference by myself. Rough action sketches are Copyright Levi Richards 2017. All rights reserved.


14 thoughts on “Magpie Roughs

    • Thanks ever so much indeed. I’ve noticed you’ve liked a lot of my work, and I hugely appreciate that! 😀

      Oh, and yes, I did know that, but only very recently when I did research for my idea development. These are only roughs which I’m going to use to create a final piece. Stay tuned if you like! Cheers!

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      • Wow, I really don’t know what to say. Thanks so much for following me and for your enthusiasm! I get a lot more activity on my G+ version of this blog as opposed to WordPress, so I really appreciate it. You’ve given me a huge boost! I can’t thank you enough really. 😀

        Cheers my friend! Thanks so much once again.

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      • That’s great that you want to find me on G+, I use my real name on that one, +Levi Richards. I think this may be the link to my page:

        Apologies if I’m wrong, but it should be the one.

        I think your artwork is beautiful by the way, just checked your site. I’ve tried to follow you on WordPress, but strangely, it wont let me. WordPress can be a pain sometimes…

        Thanks so much. 🙂

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      • It doesn’t with me… It just keeps saying I’m not logged in, even though I am. I can only apologise for that… WordPress has always been cruel to me, which is why I’m much more involved with my G+ blog.

        Thanks, you’ve been very kind. Best wishes to you. Stay inspired!

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      • I’ll defo try and stay tuned to your stories. I’ve followed you back on G+ and left a comment on one of your posts. 🙂

        I use Windows, and WordPress still likes to get complicated with me, but then, this blog is slightly old and has been through many of WordPress’s silly updates and modifications… sometimes, I can’t even see my notifications here. I have to be extra vigilant.

        Cheers! Take care!

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