A drawing of a lizard spewing slime I did using a range of alcohol based markers and Posca pens. I must admit, (for want of a better phrase…) I felt a bit ‘blocky’ whilst doing this. This was done on the spot, although I was inspired by some graffiti I saw here featuring a dinosaur. I particularly loved the details in the scaly skin in the design, so decided to do something similar and add my own effects.

I don’t typically draw considered pieces using alcohol based markers, but for the sake of giving them a go and getting better with them, I thought I’d try them out. I often layer darker colours on top of lighter ones for depth… and that’s how I created the background effects and scales of the lizard… I then did finishing touches with a white Posca pen and yellow on top.

I do hope you like this piece. Thanks for stopping by!

Feel free to like, comment, and follow me! Cheers all! See you next time!

4 thoughts on “Spewer

    • Haha, goodness. Thanks, I’m glad you like it! Again, these were done with various alcohol based markers…they are quite nice to layer and draw with vibrant tones.

      It makes me happy that you took the time to comment on my work, and I truly appreciate it. Cheers my friend!

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      • Hm, I see. I generally use both traditional and digital media, you could call me a “Tradigital artist” if you will, haha. I’ve been doing more traditional stuff than digital these days, but I suppose that’s the way things go.

        I love ink also. Mainly India ink, and pens, and I am a bit of a pen-aholic, hahaha! I also draw with pencils (I aim to colour my final piece magpie in coloured pencils) and sometimes watercolour for the same wash sort of effects you get with line and wash.

        Alcohol pens are indeed nice, Kuretake Kurecolor, Winsor and Newton Promarkers (Formerly letraset), and Copics are lovely… though Copics are somewhat pricey, I only have Copic Ciao markers which are a tad cheaper per pen, but have less ink in them.

        The only sad thing is, I don’t think alcohol markers are as lightfast as pigment inks, and so, are not archival, but they are gorgeous.

        Sorry for the lengthy reply and I’m pleased to no end that I might have inspired you, that’s terrific! If so, keep the inspired feeling strong. Cheers!

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